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Travel on the Sabbath Day?

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This is one of those Torah points that we know became extremely rabbinical-ized to mean something else; but actually if we go directly by Shemoth/Exodus 16:29, then we see everyone, even the Pharisee's and later Rabbinical culture have been totally breaking the Shabat command by even leaving their dwellings at all; much less walking or driving somewhere; regardless of the reason. The long held Rabbinic Sabbath days walk is 1/4 mile, with some using the convenient caveat that (IF) they leave some personal item from their home every ¼ mile along their path; that in fact they are allowed to call that spot their home, and travel an additional ¼ mile from that spot, etc. This is just one of many Judaic work-arounds on this particular subject. Of course this ridiculous process to circumvent The Eternals strict command can be extended for as long as a person has trinkets to leave along the way.

Based on this rabbinical law; most religious Jews will live within ¼ mile of a synagogue. However, within the original (instruction) or command, it says nothing about building or having to assemble at a Temple, church or synagogue. In fact, if this was so, and if memory serves me; didn’t they build their own Tabernacle in the wilderness; which as we know was relatively close by. Why then don’t we find scriptural evidence that they left their dwellings every Sabbath day to attend services there? Oh that’s right! There’s no such commandment to do so! Silly me…always looking for some zany commandment to stake my understanding and subsequent lifestyle on. No! We only find that inconvenient instruction about being sequestered in our dwellings for His Sabbath.

So, the command is : don’t leave your dwelling. It appears we see this behavior continued at least into King David’s reign within the dedication days; they made dedications on the 8th day. However when reading over those stories, most people totally miss the point when we see David, after the dedication ceremonies, giving instruction for everyone to go into their dwellings, and remain inside for the remainder the day.

Yes! Good question; how could it be Shabbat and the 8th day at the same time? Well, the plausible answer has to be that by David’s reign, they were already long keeping the lunar/solar calendar system. In that man-made system, the 8th day of the monthly counting will fall on the 7th day of the weekly count of their month’s 1st week. There is no other original (Torah/Instructions) I can find to explain it which are not long confirmed scribal additions. The main point isn’t about the lunar/solar system, but to
show how they were still sequestering themselves within their houses on Sabbath or high Sabbaths; and David appears to have understood this clear concise command.

Within my Greater Exodus thesis; the reader will see that there's a far greater reason for The Eternal giving the command for us to sequester ourselves and families inside our dwellings on HIS Sabbath & Pesach, and for much the same reason. So that when the coming prophesied end days hit; that we not partake in its plagues. You will also see within that teaching of the Greater Exodus, that this will be the time when HE will extend HIS protections & provisions to HIS obedient people as HE did in ancient days. However; it should be understood that HE scheduled very specific and very static CLEAN days for all His Sabbaths & Feasts; all of which can only coincide with the original calendar system He gave man.

This original system is not the Jewish lunar system, and it is not the so called Aviv/Lunar system either. This system, as it is originally and clearly written in Genesis-1, revolves around His created lights; The Sun & Stars; with no mention of the moon or months!

As far as I can find; there is but one system that simply and correctly without additions or fluctuation guides His people to arrive every year on His Holy clean days without fail. Sequestering yourself in your dwellings on any days other than His clean days may be good practice; but still not within His Will; although, maybe He will show mercy to those in their ignorance, we shall see; I don’t make the news I just report

However, like all instruction; it’s your Will that needs to be suppressed for His. These are those who will receive un-restricted protections and provisions; exactly as we see in the original Exodus. It should be; when you’re in compliance; your enemies regardless of number, weaponry or location, should be blind to your existence; or possibly destroyed for you. However; existing outside of that covenant circle? You and everyone around you may fall into your enemy’s hands. Nothing has changed; and everyone else will soon become acutely aware of that fact.

Another question people pose is : didn’t He sequester them in their tents because of their disobedience of collecting, or attempting to collect Mannah on the 7th day? Yes! Of course, this is what we see there. Like them, we cannot be trusted to leave the house and drive the family to the lake while passing 5 malls, a WalMart and 20 fast food joints; and not stop to buy something; i.e. providing for ourselves! The very essence of what the

Israelites did with the Mannah. FYI: I am NOT aligning myself with Rabbinical Orthodox rules by seeming to say that we are somehow not allowed to (use money) as is one of the many Sabbath laws of orthodox Judaism; as they teach, you would be making the store clerks work for you; however this is erroneous thinking and not part of any original Sabbath related command.

The essence of our Sabbath understanding is taken directly from Genesis-1; to which we try to emulate the character of The Eternal Creator by reflecting how HE kept His 7th day Sabbath. As follows:

Let me add to this understanding of HIS provisions to us. All we see continually throughout all Torah is our ancestors consistently (QUESTIONING His Provisions). We can also identify this questioning as being a major source of His discontent with them, as it is with us today. If your own children questioned your provisions for them; how would you feel.

But I will take this idea one step further in that; THEY quite literally walked OUT of their dwelling and SEARCHED for more Mannah! They added literal provocative movement to their already rebellious questioning of His stated provision. Now the questions is; since they were originally only commanded to gather X-amount of mannah for 6 days, and that HE would provide enough for their family on the 7th - (double portion day); then WHY do we see Him rebuking Moshe about certain portions of the population going outside on the 7th day to collect more mannah? Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I have always looked at this from a basic human standpoint, and not really from any spiritual one.

My understanding of this entire latter command for them not to sequester themselves in their dwelling on the 7th day, has been based on their propensity to question every single provision The Eternal One ever gave them. However; after my blog discourse with another teacher; he presented to me the idea that only the ones that didn’t have faith in His word of His provision for the double portion of mannah were in fact the ones that left their dwellings in search of their own provision; of course I also agree with that; since the text already shows me that; however this teacher has it in his mind that this may somehow depict that only those people should have been punished with the new command to remain captive in their dwellings on the 7th days from then on; I disagree because the text does not up-hold that.

Albeit this faith/belief idea is new to me on this subject, I see what this teacher is saying. However, I also see this faith or belief issue to actually strengthen the original position of this topic; because faith is directly linked to their questioning of His provision for them in the first place!
Was it their faith in waiting on Him to produce the miracle, the main element that allowed the miracle to exist over and over again for 40yrs? Yes! I believe it was. However and regardless the reason WHY some of their pots were not full for 2 days; it still comes down to what the Torah actually says; and it says that they left to go find more food! (To provide for themselves.) But let’s start again from the original command which leads them to His Sabbath command for further clarity.

4 The Malakim of God told Moses; Behold, God will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people will go out and gather their portion every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my Torah, or no.

5 And it will come to be, that on the sixth day they will prepare that which they bring in; and it will be twice as much as they gather daily.

So, we clearly see as I said earlier, that this collecting the same amount for 6 days is His test. Of course what we’re not seeing so explicitly in these texts is the more generally accepted idea that they were told to COLLECT their own double portions for their family size on the 6th day. It just clearly stated that they would collect their portion daily; with no direct instruction to do more on the 6th day as others usually teach. Which within the context of these verses is totally correct; because in verse 5 in the end of the verse it clearly states, that IT will be twice as much as THEY gathered daily! i.e. that He will somehow change it to meet their individual household needs. Simple right?

Now the reason why you will see huge gaps in the Torah texts I provide here, is again because I am by-passing all the (Priestly text) much later additions and present here the oldest known original source texts which came from what we now call the (Yahwist) source texts. Because if you read carefully the text prior to verse 4, and then everything after vs.5 to verse 21; that is all from the youngest Priestly text additions; then onto verses 27,28,29,30 being the next Yahwist texts on this matter.

The main issue with the Priestly texts is; that they very specifically remove the miracle of the Sabbath provision as He originally gave it. They turned it into meat eating, and them collecting their OWN double portions on the 6th day; deleting the miracle provision of The Eternal One. I am gleaning my understanding from the oldest known source material which puts me closer to the original understanding of all Torah instruction. Also; let me defuse the next cynicism against me; I am NOT saying that ALL Priestly texts are invalid; many do also mirror tenants of the oldest texts. However, for the majority of the time; the Priestly texts are in fact installing new dogma because of their own agendas much later on. Therefore, when the oldest and closest to being the original instruction texts are extant; then I believe we should default to their understanding; especially when other far later texts are in contradiction to them.

Exo 16:21 “And they gathered it in the morning, each one in the morning according to the mouth of his eating. And it melted in the heat of the sun.”

Ok; there you have the depiction concerning their collection requirements; and when? EACH morning!

Moving on to the next set of texts on this matter:

Exo 16:27 “And it happened on the seventh day, some of the people went out to gather, and did not find any.” Why did they gather? As I expressed above; I don’t personally believe it’s important why; the fact remains they did; which is doing on of the few things The Eternal hates most; us questioning His provision for us! Lack of faith, lack of belief in God or in Moshe or both; eating the food faster than He was ready to provide it; or eating it all just to stare into the bowl to prove Him wrong; or using the rest to feed your animals with, then going out to gather more prior to His refill? None of these reason matter at all; and every single one and many more all boil down to the very same thing; them questioning His provision for them. And stepping outside to physically make search? Well, that’s just the straw that broke that camel’s back. Because thinking is one thing, voicing is another; but physically acting on it is quite another level of rebellion all together.

Exo 16:28 “And the Malakim of God said to Moses, How long will you refuse to obey My voice and My Torah?” So, here we go; the Angel appears again with righteous anger! The question if you haven’t noticed, is rhetorical.

Exo 16:29 Behold! God has given the Sabbath to you! In it He is giving to you two days of bread on the sixth day. Each one of you remain in his place. Do not let anyone go out from his place on the seventh day. Here we have him going off about the awesome privilege of Sabbath being given; AND THEN, we see him reiterating its great miracle that many were taking for granted and questioning. Then of course comes the very clear COMMAND after the clear rebuke session to restrict everyone via this new instruction into their dwellings on the 7th day.

Exo 16:30 “And the people rested on the seventh day.” I.e. from that time forward whether they wanted to or not aye?

Vs 35 “they did eat manna, until they came into the borders of the land of Canaan. If you read your version of vs35, you will see that I cut out the first half which is from the Priestly source scrolls. I added this just to show you how the editors who redacted all the source scrolls together didn’t bother to edit out redundant texts like this priestly text that makes up the first half of this vs34. It pretty much says the same thing; so there’s no conflict between the two; but then why not just utilize the oldest text and drop the newest one? Because when we read it as it is in Torah it tends to look odd here; but in most areas where this is done it causes massive confusion which forces teachers who don’t know this to fabricate new ideas into new doctrine to make any sense of it at all. This is one of the very minor examples of how they just rammed so many verses together just to have them all accounted for; rather than presenting the oldest all together within their own original context; which is exactly what I just did above. It’s minimal and simple, but it’s explicit.

My question remains; where do we see additional TORAH out of the same angles mouth that negates this instruction to stay inside on the 7th day; after we see it given here? I realize we see other people in later Tanak or the NT, oil being miraculously refilled for a woman; loaves & fish etc. But stories outside of the original Torah don’t make new Torah, or change original Torah. Thus; where is the retraction?
Sabbath stipulations:

The Eternal saw all He had made and beheld perfect order. And there was evening and there was morning, a sixth day. 31 The heavens and the earth were finished, and all within it. 32 By the seventh day The Eternal completed His work which He had done; and He abstained from His occupation on the seventh day which He does. 33 The Eternal Set-apart the seventh day, and sanctified it; because on it, He abstained from all His work which He does. 34 These are the products of the earth when they were created on the day that The Eternal created the earth and heavens.

I Find that scripture abundantly clear ; He finished, then stopped from His Occupation; which is the work that He does. This tells us two very important facts; 1- Creating is His occupation; and 2 - Since it is His occupation; then it is in fact something He did prior to our creation, as well as after. Thus, within this creation rotation process that He follows; however long His 6 works days actually are; it is obvious that He stops His occupation on the 7th day. How does that relate to us? Because if we are made in His image; then we should reflect that image in our lives; thus, on His Sabbath, we abstain from our (occupation) as He does. This has nothing to do with the occupations of others who do not keep His Sabbath; or the rabbinical man-made laws, one of which concerns the turning on of electric lights or appliances during the Sabbath; teaching us that it’s forcing the employees at the electric company to work for you. All employees of all establishments everywhere are solely responsible for their non-observance of His instructions, not us. The bigger picture here is our reflection of His image to our neighbors and extended family. What we lack in written Sabbath instruction between Adam and Joseph son of Jacob; we find finally reiterated to us through Moshe shortly after them leaving Egypt.

Exo16:29 “Behold! The Eternal has given the Sabbath to you, He has provided you two days of bread on the sixth day. Each one of you remain in his dwelling. Do not let anyone go out from his dwelling on the seventh day”.

Exo 16:30 “And the people rested on the seventh day”.

Therefore; we have the clear picture within Genesis that we are supposed to do as He does, and abstain from our occupations on that 7th day; which of course begins on the evening of the 6th day, and ends on the evening of the 7th. The only additional Torah instruction we have after this; to collect the mannah each day, and then to sequester ourselves within our homes for that period, which of course was after the rebuke for not listening in the first place.

Moving on we can consult the prophets on this matter of sequestering ourselves for a short time as it may pertain to our future; specifically, The Latter Days; as it may have an expanded scope. Within the scene of the Passover night; our compliance to remain sequestered within our dwellings paid off. The prophets make it clear as well, that in the future, it will again pay off.

Therefore; we cannot! Cannot! Look to the actions, customs, traditions, of all those who came out of that wilderness walk for 40yrs for this correct observance. As our history clearly depicts; it didn’t take long for our Israelite fathers to stray from His original instructions and implement many of their own understandings; thus, we cannot look to their subsequent generations for any NEW understanding of how we keep our Sabbaths. This has been, and will be in the future, a grave mistake for many; many people who believe fully that they keep the faith as given to Moshe, but do not. I have heard all the arguments against this of course; but not one! Not one has shown me another Torah command, which countermands the one already given. And we will NEVER find one; because HE does NOT change!

The actions of people do not dictate Torah Instruction; ONLY clearly defined Torah Instruction out of the mouth of The Eternal One through His Malakim can institute Commanded instructions. Can someone show me where He gave any clear commandment at all, which was then later clearly revoked? Can someone show me a clear Commandment that stipulates how we are supposed to build a multitude of synagogues or churches, to which we are then supposed to travel to on His commanded Sabbath day? Clearly breaking the original command!

Yes of course, I know this fly’s directly in the face of every Rabbi or Christian preacher who makes or supplements their lifestyle on this activity; but again, your traditions and customs aren’t the rule of Torah.

Here’s a common argument:
“But Jesus attended the synagogues every Sabbath day as it was his custom”…

Ok, let’s use our brains here; firstly, “as it was his custom” ; is 100% translator opinion. And using this to argue the point of a commandment change is pure folly. This argument can only be made when someone completely ignores the context and realities of those times. First off; in those days, and even long before them, Israel was NOT following the Torah as given to Moshe; not at all. Thus, their keeping of the Sabbath day was no exception. Of course he went to their synagogues to bear witness against them; because that’s where they were! If in fact they went to the sports bar on the Sabbath day, your commentary would read;
“But Jesus attended the sports bar every Sabbath day as it was his custom”.

Furthermore; we cannot use Rabbi Yehshua as the evidence of some new change or commanded variation of the Sabbath; we are not him, and I fail to see anywhere in Torah where it instructs us to LOOK at the life and times of ANY man as the example for the rule of true Torah living!!! He was a called out Messiah and mandated with a very specific work of a high Rabbi/Prophet to reestablish the original Torah as given to Moshe; just as Moshe him-self prophesied he would come to do. Therefore, he was fulfilling his mandated and ordained mission by going to where the work was, and absolutely nothing more can be conferred from it. The Rabbi Yehshua could not have broken any TRUE and original Torah instruction; he did however make it his mission to break all the man-made rabbinical/Pharisaic laws he could. Has anyone even stopped to ask whether the Talmudic Jews of his day were even keeping the actual (Clean day) Sabbath which was originally given? The historical evidence shows that they changed their calendar system at least two times! But why don’t you ask from WHAT did they change? Well, they changed from the oldest known calendar system which is believed to have been given to Enoch; and very clearly detailed within Enoch’s writings; which are the same writings we also know that Noach had through his father Lemech.

Thus, it is my personal determination, knowing my own people well, that in fact, whatever day they may have been calling the Sabbath was in fact THEIR Sabbath and not HIS Sabbath! As also lined out and depicted within the many prophets as The Eternal saying; He hated THEIR Sabbaths, THEIR Feast days and THIER new moon days etc. Thus; if in fact they were keeping His Sabbaths and Feasts on the correct days; but maybe just with incorrect liturgies or policy; then why rebuke them so many times through His prophets concerning things that He says where very plainly theirs ; being then by default, not His! I will take His Torah words through His Malakim and His Prophets as simply saying exactly what they are saying. Therefore I have to believe that HIS dates/days/times are in fact extremely specific and important; and further, that when He expresses Himself in such a manner as to tell me that something someone else is doing as being decidedly their own and NOT HIS? Then I’m going with, that it’s NOT at all as He originally presented it.

Thus, by this formula, I have decided that Rabbi Yehshua did in fact NOT break the Sabbath Command of Ex:16 at all; in fact it was THEM who were breaking ALL of the commandments regardless of chapter. We cannot have it both ways; either His word in Torah when given by Him through His Malakim/Angels is pure and non-negotiable forever; or its not and we’re all smoke. If the Talmudic Pharisee’s were in fact keeping God’s timing on all points of Torah, and we clearly see Rabbi Yehshua going directly against this obvious and clear command; then I have to agree with most all Judaism, that in fact he was no Prophet Messiah at all. However, the long known historical knowledge of how my people changed anything and everything to suit, along with the knowledge of how Rabbi Yehshua walked the walk and clearly taught against all false Torah; I am forced to submit that my argument based on the historical record is more probable than any other I have seen submitted. The reason why most Christians never see these things is because they have lost the knowledge of their roots; our ancient Hebrew customs; therefore don’t readily identify these nuances in their own texts. By that; they incorrectly identify the laws that he so readily broke and spoke against as being one and the same as the original Torah instructions once given to Moshe; which they are clearly not! Nor do they pay attention to the Jewish historical texts which tell allot more than one might expect.

Thus, it really doesn’t help to just read words without knowing all the pertinent back ground. All this being exactly what makes this particular argument for Sabbath Commandment change so ignorant. This was THEIR CUSTOM, NOT his!

Their customs flew in the face of all original Torah instructions. The Prophets historically have always had to go into places on days that were out of their commanded customs to get the job done. That’s the job! If Rabbi Yehshua were to come today to America; where would he go? What would be his so called custom today in order to reach the non-compliant masses who are so seriously misguided by yet the exact same false doctrines of men? Would he stay in his house? Or would he travel to America’s modern churches on SUN-day? Yup! Makes sense! SUN-day it is. Why? Well, that’s where the majority of the people who need the help are. Would he go to the Sports Bars and restaurants? Yup! Because, that’s where all those same people are after church on SUN-day! So, would our later historical writings then reflect to subsequent generations that Catholic SUN-day worship was his new custom? Yup! Is Sun-day the 7th day? So I guess he would be within Torah today as well.

We do NOT look to the customs or traditions of our Noncompliant, disobedient forefathers for our understanding of HIS true original Torah instructions today or ever. Through much prayer, and His giving of Wisdom we learn to distil the Torah for ourselves with the aid of other truth seeking compliant people who have the depth of back-ground in distilling Torah without a personal agenda, or under the control of their disobedient forefathers themselves.

So, to get back to everyone’s main question; can I take my family out to ride bicycles around the block? Or take a picnic in the park close to our house? Etc. As much as I'm an outdoors kind of guy, and my 8yr old son has enough energy for all of us, we take this command literally and seriously. We understand the depth and breadth of why it was given, do it in obedience and use it as practice for when those days may come again. As well we teach subsequent generations to do in kind, as it was the custom of Abraham.

“V’Shee Non Tom”
Always with the Eternal

Dr. Shmuel Asher Th.D

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