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Was the 7th day Sabbath given to Man?

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Was the Sabbath given to Man?

Regardless; here’s what we have to do in order to get the closest we can on any point of original Torah, to finally be able to call it original truth.

Sometimes we also have to apply a little out of the box thinking to it as well, in order to see if there’s a bigger picture around the topic were searching out. With the Sabbath, all of this is a bit more difficult than some other topics, like say the killing of animals for any reason outside of personal defense or the defense of others.

It is basically a very simple formula:

1. We have to be able to see the topic in question either – explained in GREAT detail and in the language/tone of commanded instructions; like the following scripture:

2. Or we have to search further for additional clues that prove this perceived instruction was or was not either taught about further or physically done by additional people.

29 The Eternal instructed: ' I give you every herbage yielding seed that is on the surface of the entire land, every tree that has seed yielding fruit – it will be yours for food, 30 and for every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the heaven, and to everything that moves on the earth, wherein there is a living Soul of Life, every green herb is for food.' The Eternal saw all He had made and beheld perfect order. And there was evening and there was morning, a sixth day.

So, you see what I mean, hard to mess that one up right? It’s the old – No! means NO!....

Ok then, if we don’t get this incredibly clear and absolute instruction on a certain topic like the Sabbath, but we know from what IS said, that the topic is obviously important, then we have to try formula #2 – which is, keep searching scripture. The idea here is, do we find this topic anywhere else being either specifically instructed to someone later? Or possibly can we find someone of importance, like say Enoch, Abrahim or Noach etc.; doing it as a rule. NOW REMEMBER! All the time you are searching for the rule being stated clearly either down the line, or being kept by others; (IF) we do find it being physically kept by someone, we have to confirm that what is being kept is in accordance to both previous scripture instructions and also HIS Character!

This obviously means that we have already confirmed that the scriptures in previous chapters to which we are referring from, are also confirmed as being within the known scope of His character. Remember; the character of The Eternal One is our watermark for measuring all scriptures and acts of man that are said to be based those scriptures. IF anyone is found keeping any supposed commanded instruction in such a way which clearly corrupts another commanded instruction which has been very clearly stated, like – {You will not eat blood}; then we are forced to call that practice suspect and ask: Can we even use this particular scriptural event as further evidence for the Rule we’re looking to establish as truth? In my experience, MOST if not all times we cannot continue to consider that particular event, system, or ritual as being true original given Torah.

We can’t allow ourselves any longer to have any of this both ways; He either doesn’t change, and laid all this out very simply one time and one time only, or He does change and continues to do so through history; at which point all religion or beliefs are an exercise in futility. It’s important to always bear in mind that the scribes had their nasty little fingers in all this for quite some time, so, what we do in this situation is to peel the obviously added parts away from the practice or system we are seeking, in the hopes that eventually we may reach the very minimal original core instruction. Only then do we have further evidence of this {Instruction} being applied by someone further down the line correctly and in harmony with the Eternals perfect character; {remembering always that His character is supposed to be reflected in OUR character/life styles}. However, We also have to be ready to accept the very real fact that sometimes we may peel our way back to a completely false core as well; {as we do with the entire man made animal sacrificial atonement system to name one}.

All things being equal, we have to concede that this practice or system which we see being kept or applied by other people further down the line came from somewhere, whether man or God, this is what we are tasked with confirming in order to move on in truth. Just seeing that a people applied some {rule/instruction/ritual etc.}, which we may even find some minor scriptural reference to in previous chapters or generations, in no way makes it absolute original given truth from The Eternal One. As I already depicted and proved out in other writings, many words, verses and entire sections of what we all believe to be scripture, has been added to and changed. We have to understand this verifiable historical fact as a Rule when we wade through all scripture, not just the Tanak/O.T; just as we have to identify and utilize The Eternals character as the touch stone for all beliefs, to which only His truth will measure up against. Let us use an example from a Standard English translation.

Gen 8:20 “And Noah built an altar to Jehovah, and took of every clean animal, and of every clean bird, and offered burnt offerings on the altar”.

Gen 8:21 “And Jehovah smelled the soothing fragrance, and Jehovah said in His heart, I will never again curse the ground for the sake of man, because the imagination of the heart of man is evil from his youth. Yea, I will not again smite every living thing as I have done”. {JPS bible}

Wow! I remain consistently shocked at just how poor the English translations are, however for this exercise, our example search topic is the killing and sacrificing of His created beings. We already have extremely clear and specific instructions in Gen 1 & 2 right? And again later again in chap- 9 I believe, specifically ruling out the killing and eating of anything with feet or fins right? So then how can this be a true event with Noach as it’s
written? Well, it is not! Therefore, we now search out older texts and we find that they say exactly the opposite! I will add it here just as the Dead Sea scrolls state this exact event, as well do other writings older than the Masoretic text’s.

19 Then Noah built a pillar to The Eternal, and made a present to The Eternal of incense; and AHEYEH accepted the fragrance.

Just like Habel bloodless present/offering, and also most likely that of Kayin as well, no animals were killed, only the products OF the ground and the products FROM the animal were presented as an offering. We also know as absolute that the Gen 8 verses above were tampered with, because of the {clean/unclean rule} mention which fades in and out between the original Two by Two instructions. We know this to be a scribal entry with custom editing specifically done in many key and specific places in order to fabricate a back-story reference, which then allows all manner of pagan ritual sacrifices.

This way they made it appear that GOD BREATHED scriptural evidence existed, to which they point at when questioned about their sacrificial cult rituals. That is why we think we see the patriarchs killing animals for sacrifice and food, because obviously, if the patriarchs Noach and Abrahim did it, it must be original Torah from GOD right? Strangely enough, the bright lights forgot to remove or change the verses before their new additions, where The Eternal One specifically told Noach to take 2x2 animals male and female. These people stuck their 7 clean / 2 unclean system right in between The Eternals original commands of 2x2! Evil and stupid all at the same time!

However, it’s good luck for us. Nevertheless, you get my point, this is exactly how we have to decipher the texts.

Proving the 7th day Sabbath: Well, this one’s a bit tougher. The main question posed to me several time has been:

{Was it a One-time event for just The Creator?} I highly doubt any of us believe that the 6 days of creation were actually 6 - 24 hour days based on the earths rotational cycle around the sun, mainly because at least 4 of those days didn’t have a working sun or earth yet. In fact, I personally believe, that NO time as we vaguely understand time, was present or {counting down} until most likely a specific point at the VERY END – {evening}-of HIS Sabbath day.
Which simplified means; NONE of His creation days, or His Sabbath should be added into any human/earthly counting of our own time or calendar systems. Day one of counting time from our end appears to have started the very second, DAY-1 began – {evening of the 7th day}. In modern times via the pagan Roman calendar system, we call that day SUN-day.

That being said, if the 7 days of creation were not 6-24hr days, and one 24hr rest day – it really doesn’t matter to us, because we still see a pattern right? 6 on and the 7th off. So my question is, did this pattern pre-date His creation process? To me it kind of matters if that 7 day cyclic pattern pre-existed OUR particular creation event, because IF it did exist, then that proves to us that this 7 day pattern is specifically important to The Creator right? Moreover, that which is important to Him should be important to us to emulate unless specifically instructed otherwise.

Ok, so we covered the outside the box portion of this question. So, what do the actual words say?

The Eternal saw all He had made and beheld perfect order. And there was evening and there was morning, a sixth day. 31 The heavens and the earth were finished, and all within it. 32 By the seventh day The Eternal completed His work which He had done; and He abstained from His occupation on the seventh day, which He does. 33 The Eternal Set-apart the seventh day, and sanctified it, because on it, He abstained from all His work which He does. 34 These are the products of the earth when they were created on the day that The Eternal created the earth and heavens. {Ben Asher Torah}

Is that all fairly straightforward? He completed HIS work – He abstained from HIS OCCUPATION – Which is what He does – He set that day apart as special – WHY? Because that day is the day, that He stops His occupation of creating things. This tells me several things.

1. He has a specific profession – creating life -, which also tells me this is not the only creating He has done, before or after us.

2. He stops His profession on every 7th day {whatever His space/time days are}; however we can only understand this as one 24hr period within our own reality of time.

3. He Set-Apart or made extremely special this 7th day. And since we have already established a 6 on - 7th off pattern, which at the very least existed when he created us, we have to concede, based on the other evidence of His continual occupation, that He applies this in a perpetual rotation associated with His occupation; that this pattern or cycle of work and rest times then also pre-existed our own creation, and exceeds it; since this creating is what He does. BUT! It also states that He SET APART this day at that time of OUR creation! Is that proof that this cycle actually did not pre-date this creation? NO - because {creating} is His professional and on-going occupation; this set-apart 7th day just being the final step in this process within that time frame. It appears to me, that at the end of ALL 6 day creation projects, He initializes His creation process with the establishment of {Light=Good=Life}, and the dividing thereof from the {Dark=Evil=Death}, and finalizes that particular creation process with the setting-apart of its 7th day; thus, establishing that 7th day as an actual MARK upon His total creation. Either way, the pattern was, is, and always will be.

OK! But, was this pattern made for man? I mean it does not specifically say it is right. So, if we are forced to go strictly by the letter of the word we have in Genesis 1 alone, then no, it was not made for man, it’s no more than a telling of the creation process that He did, and that’s all, nothing more inferred.

However, we do not always get ALL the explicit instructions in one spot. Or maybe we did and they were just lost in time or translations along the way. How difficult is that to believe? Being that we know He reiterated His original Torah to Abrahim; and later to Moshe right? So, if in fact a reiteration was needed, one would then assume that the original information had dropped off somewhere along the way. So, what else do we have?

Here’s one:

26 The Eternal said: 'Let us make the dry ground in our image, a reflection; husbandmen to the fish in the sea, the birds of the heavens, the animals, the beasts, and every reptile that creeps upon the earth.'

FYI: This literal and corrected translation is from my Ben Asher Torah; which means the Hebrew is corrected to as far back as we can take it today and 100% as literal as the English can be rendered with few or no additional English words injected to amplify the context. I literally translated the word everyone mistranslates as a proper name - (Adamah)=hard ground, which is also translated as {earth}, which is ok, I use that as well when I believe it fits and won’t take away from the context. However, it cannot be translated as MAN or MAN-kind, or Woman, or Human or any such title. I believe it is important for the modern proofs of science to be coupled with what the scriptures actually state; i.e. That man and all creation was literally produced out of the ELEMENTS in the actual ground/dust, as modern science has finally proven to be possible. Although it may be more difficult for some to read initially, I rendered it this way to promote a more in-depth understanding.

For this discussion the point is that He made us in HIS IMAGE! a reflection of His likeness and His character, which of course we know the character side of this was lost for the most part in man until later we hope. Therefore, if in fact we are made in His image, which is an enormously major gift to us, then of course we were created to also emulate Him through His actions and style in other ways as well. I.e. The Creators 7 day cycle among other things. Now, personally that reality has been enough for me. If I never had access to any information outside of Genesis, I would be at complete ease and doing exactly as depicted.

Nevertheless, we should also look further right. The rub is, when we do, we really don’t see anything super specific on the Sabbath by men along the path for a while. I mean we might assume that when it states that HE walked with them in the garden in the cool of THE DAY – this should logically be understood as a direct reference to the 7th day, since His occupation is creating, we would have to logically assume that He is off from working His occupation in the cool of the morning, that being the 7th morning or mornings after the creation, and subsequent to that; He was off somewhere else the other 6 days creating, as it is His occupation to do so, right? And then, even the books of Enoch clearly and very specifically state that The Eternal One has all the stars and suns all clocked and timed perfectly, going in and out of {gates}, clocking all times and seasons everywhere, so that again gives me additional information that also appears to align with what we already have.

Therefore, since the scripture we already have does very specifically call out Enoch as being perfect and or righteous in all his ways, I can only assume that the information Enoch wrote down should be taken as authoritative. {within the confines of translation error}, and employing all the same formulas we now know and use to decipher the Torah we do have.

Did we clearly see Noach and his family keeping Sabbath? Not that I remember, BUT, God said that he was perfect in his generation and righteous in his ways as well; In fact, it’s the exact same wording we see used with Noach’s great grandfather Enoch; so again, we have to assume those ways that Noach was perfect in were Gods ways right? The ways handed down from the first man correct. – referred to as {Adam} for discussion purposes. To be comical about it, one could say that indeed we see Noach inebriated, resting in his tent and letting it all hang out one day! That day obviously wasn’t considered a work day for Noach aye. Was that a picture of Noach’s Sabbath rest? Lol.. ALSO remember, after the flood are the 7 laws as given to Noach. Do we have them exactly right today as Noach orally received them?

No, I bet not. However, it does not matter for this Sabbath discussion or search, because were not searching for the specific individual laws, were searching for any proof that this Sabbath was actually instituted by God for all men, and kept as such after the fact. So we continue looking for any specific instructions given to anyone at any time. Therefore, we move on knowing that Yes, something was transmitted to Adam, and again to Enoch, and Noach. Which makes sense, since everyone else on earth was dead at that point…. So obviously, something had to be re-established right?

Do we see Abraham keeping this 7th day? Ahh..not so much. Again, we do see The Eternal One expressing an actual friendship relation with Abrahim, and why? Because He knew that Abraham would instruct all of his family and others around him in ALL the ways of The Eternal One. WAYS? What ways? I see no ways. Do I believe this is all lies? NO! Although yes much of the Abrahamic story has been changed and amplified in spots by later scribes to suit their own Will; I do believe Abrahim pleased The Eternal, so now were
back to why? Well, all we have is the words we have, but also other stories, even the Muslim writings back most of what is stated about Abrahim as being 100% accurate. So, when The Eternal One states that He loved Abrahim, and even that they were personal friends in some way, and that Abrahim kept His instructions, taught them, and knew he always would, we again have to concede that these were the same instructions that Adam through Abrahim had. We also have to remember, that pretty much until Moshe, The Eternal One, through his Malakim/Angels, was hands on dealing with single individuals only, not populations. Therefore, the instructions, like most everything back then, were orally transmitted. Peoples/family’s entire history and identity were based in oral transmission of data.

So....finally we are forced to move further on to Moshe. Did The Eternal One transmit instructions to Moshe? Did He give further instructions that they were to be taught to all the sons of Jacob and beyond through them to all the nations? Yes! BUT! Were these laws/instructions new? Nope! We have other scriptures that speak directly to the fact that all the laws given to Moshe predated him all the way to Adam. I have always taught people, which tends to go against some Judaic teaching, that Moshe did not receive any new instructions; Moshe received A reiteration of the PRE-existing instructions! Just the very same way the great Rabbi Yehshua/Jesus was not teaching or rebuking against or about anything new, he was the one of whom Moshe prophesied. The one to restore that, which was originally given. However in Moshe’s time, the difference was, The Eternal One was ready for a segment of the population of His creation to receive, understand and comply with all His instructions for man in full and on a greater geographical scale. And as far as we know, it was also the first time He began to use a specific population to first RE-learn it, apply it, then mandated as Priests to RE-teach it. Of course we know that never actually transpired, and of course it all rests in His greater plan for all nations; but rest assured, He will get it done, and as The Eternal spoke through His prophet Isaiah; all of this will come full circle back to His original Eden. And as it pertains to our Sabbath search; yes, of course we know that one of His direct and specific commanded instructions even given shortly after leaving Egypt was that of the Sabbath 7th day rest in our tents, we learned this through the example and instruction to retrieve our family’s Mannah for 6 days, but NOT on the 7th; Mt. Sinai had nothing to do with receiving our Sabbath instruction. Of course today we understand what is right and correct to do on the 7th day Sabbath through our knowledge of His character, as we clearly see it depicted within Genesis chapter one after He stopped His occupation to rest on His 7th day.

And the Evening and the morning, were the first day!

Dr. S. Asher Th.D

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