Christendom’s False Prophesies
By Dr. Shmuel Asher Th.D

Asher false prophet 

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For over fifteen hundred years Christian theologians have, for various reasons, searched and studied the ancient Hebrew prophesies. Through reverse exegesis, they reinvented and redefined the specific meanings of these prophets in order to prove the man-god deity-ship of Jesus Christ.

This book was written to clarify exactly who Yehshua (Jesus) was and who he was not; to define his mission; and to discuss the potential of his eventual position as the final Mashiach.

This book has NOT been written to disprove Yehshua as man's final Messiah, but to disprove ONLY those prophetic fairytales the Christian religion has fabricated, extensively utilized and perpetuated through their brand of reverse exegesis of NEW prophecies in order to proof text him into the position of deity. Christian theologians attempting to prove that which may not be absolutely proven by any text, in any time before or after Yehshua's life and death. 

Author's Bio:

Dr. Asher is a Karaite Scholar who holds a Doctorate degree in Ancient Hebrew Biblical culture and language. Dr. Asher works primarily - as what most people would identify - as a Rabbi, although the Karaite sect of Judaism does not identify its teachers by the Jewish Orthodoxy’s title Rabbi. The correct Karaite title is Hakham, meaning; wise-one or Scholar.

Dr. Asher hails from an uninterrupted family lineage of Karaite Torah scholars originating from the Hebrew Tribe of Asher. Dr. Asher’s teachings advance the ancient Karaite tradition of uncompromising absolute Torah truth based on original Hebrew culture, traditions, and language.

Born in Brooklyn NY, Dr. Asher spent most of his childhood in NY & NJ, and early twenties continuing his learning in Israel, where receiving his citizenship, quickly knew he had come full circle, finally a part of the land God gave Abrahim. During his formative years in NJ, Dr. Asher was exposed to the Christian religion extensively by those around him. Learning the Torah from the age of seven, he quickly identified that most Judeo-Christians are deeply misinformed on all levels of Hebrew history and experience, and needed help.

Of course, understanding from youth that it was the duty of all Hebrews - as mandated by God the Eternal Creator - to become learned in Gods original Torah, apply it to their lives as a light to those around them, and then teach it to all gentiles; he left no chance or circumstance to teach anyone who would listen. Thus, Dr. Asher has dedicated himself to the teaching of The Eternal One’s Torah to all people who wish to know the deeper truth.

To this end Dr. Asher has formed the Ancient Hebrew Learning Center, which has been the focal point for his free online Torah instruction. From the AHLC online, Dr. Asher collects and instructs many students in person, online, as well as weekly conference calls. Those who glean insight from Dr. Asher include Christians, former Christians and Jews, all of which are those searching beyond fundamental religions for the more original truth which eludes them as well as their Hebrew roots.

Dr. Asher’s factual, and hard-hitting teachings, in the context of the original Aramaic-Hebrew language, have been at times controversial, yet enlightening. Christendom's False Prophesies continues in this tradition.

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