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In Reference to: Avinu Prayer of Yehshua

By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 12 Aug 2012

Dear Shmuel:

Thank you for your detailed explanation. It ties a lot of things together, particularly when it’s coupled with your personal quest.

This prayer was one of the things that actually led us to become vegan, for it tied together Jesus’ teachings with God’s creation intent to have a peaceful vegan world where there was no suffering or death. So, how could we truly become children of God, if we added to the corruption of God’s perfect creation. The simple answer was we couldn’t.

This also ties into what you were saying about eating flesh, and recognizing that it was the only thing Jews ate that was not blessed by God. Thus, we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t in either the creation or heavenly will of God. The early religious leaders knew the truth, even if it didn’t find its way into their teachings.

There is something very spiritual, if not totally spiritual, about our connection with God. In order to partake in the eating of an animal’s flesh or by product, we must first harden our heart to the point where we no longer have empathy for that living being, and this hardening blocks our spiritual commune with God.

Part of God’s kingdom is this earth, because He created it. So, for this portion of His kingdom to be blessed, we have to soften our hearts and minds to receive God’s will. The first step is go vegan.

We don’t believe that there is anything magical about it. It’s all right there in front of our eyes. This is what we believe that Jesus was teaching the people, and us.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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