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In Reference to: Avinu Prayer of Yehshua

By Shmuel Asher - 12 Aug 2012

Well, from what I have found on this, is that it was the Catholics who added all kinds of extra words to the prayer. This one comes from the one copy  that exists on ancient Aramaic in Jerusalem of Mathew, which I would guess is more like what your seeing in Luke. I can tell you that the English translations are NOT the way it would have been said in Hebrew. 

I will also tell you this for what its worth. I believe you already know I don’t believe in all that Kabala crap and numerologies etc., of the more modern Judaism, (1st temple to 2nd), compared to some of its more original understandings.

Now, I cant get into the breadth and depth of this, but I have always secretly believed this single prayer to have a special power, but I cannot tell you why. As of late, I believe He may be leading me to someone who can show me why. But in short, It does have something or a lot to do with the inherent mathematics held within the very specific HEBREW words as depicted.  I have long wondered IF the prayer connect to or somehow ignites the (Merkavah) within us, because I know I have felt something different about this one than any of the many others I have long known and rarely used because they seemed like just rote info.  I really cant explain it fully yet coherently, and I know it may sound all new age, which believe me is something I have long ignored for the most part.  However, I believe I have seen that when a person removes the dead meat and blood from their lips and eventually purify themselves by doing so, that it is then that this prayer has a physical and metaphysical reaction within us.

Think about it, I have since as a kid I heard this prayer from Christian friends and learned how they got it.  How they got it made little sense to me, because he was teaching Jews, and Jews have long knew how to pray..lol I mean we have a prayer for every dam thing under the sun accept for one – MEAT!!  Lol...  So, how is it that Yehshua was in need of teaching jews how to pray?? LOL,,It makes absolutely no logical or cultural sense at all.  UNLESS he, being a master who ascended, taught them a VERY SPECIFIC sequence of words to utilize as an actual KEY for something that he taught them during one of those closed sessions. So, based on this alone I fully believe that he gave a key to something, and many of his other phrases also give information that allows those who realize what this prayer is and what his actual mission was, the ability to know how to use it, what to expect from it eventually, and also how to identify both each other and all the rest who are NOT enlightened yet. i.e. you will know them by their fruit. Which to mean only translates to Hebrew thought of, You will know them by how they live and what they teach. i.e. The Bloodless life and a far larger spirit of truth. Both of which can only be accentuated by the ignition of our/their Merkavah within them. This is the difference between those who are children of the light, and or the darkness.  It all starts falling right in line when we open and advance our thinking on all of these doctrinally closed off ideas.  Which I am working on in a much deeper way right now.

Your thoughts?

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