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In Reference to: Avinu Prayer of Yehshua

By Shmuel Asher - 13 Aug 2012

Yes I agree fully. My entire main idea within the Land of Meat and Honey is based on the fact that THIS Non-killing, non-mingling of their blood w/ours is actually the 1st and MAIN key to the main door at the end of that Narrow path Yehshua spoke of. I have watched few embrace that key, and fewer who did initially embrace it and opened that door w/it, actually walk through the door. So, his words really ring true to me weekly, that few will find it and fewer will get through that door. There just cannot be any other Torah precept that he was talking about. The Everlasting Agreement is the 1st and the last absolute. And everything anyone does outside of that Agreement is worth absolutely nothing, less than nothing. They are not heard, nor will they be accepted in the land, what ever that turns out to be in that time. I personally believe that The Everlasting Agreement was the EXACT specific point that Yehshua was speaking directly to when asked which was the greatest of the Torah instructions. because when you know the Everlasting Agreement, and you take the time to take the thousand yard view of it, it will show you that every single point of mans existence on every level can be traced back to our individual and collective ignorance of that Agreement, or our embracement of it.  - i.e. If you love your Creator with all your heart and all your energies, and treat all others as you would have them treat you – then in fact you would automatically FIND, and DO Aheyeh’s Torah, which begins with “be fruitful and multiply”, and then “don’t kill anything which HE gave the Breath of Life soul, in order to sustain your own life”. In these two things all the Torah and the Prophets hang.

When I teach this stuff to people, all Christians of course, I always use that question of the greater torah to Yehshua. However, when I do, because I have learned through the prophets, which has consistently and without fail proved itself to be true within my 30+ yrs of teaching, that it’s the women in whom the final days Wisdom will come through. So I one-up Yehshua in order to slam the point home of not killing to eat to the women by saying – “Do unto all others as you would have them do to your children”...  ooooooooh low blow right?  LOL... It works big-time brother. That one hits most people directly between the eye’s.  Which I follow it up by saying; “last I checked, I haven't met anyone who was willing to allow one or all of their children to be caged, then hung up by one leg, bled out, gutted while still alive, processed and eaten by others...!!”  “But I assure you through the Prophet Jeremiah, those who continue unrepentantly in this death cult of animal destruction and wars, will one day again be forced to eat their own children, and neighbors to survive”.. As it was in Jerusalem for this very reason, so will it be in the end of many civilizations soon”..

My new chapter 1 of the Asher Codex which should be done soon elaborates fully proving that they graduated from animal sacrificing to human sacrificing, and THAT being the final misstep before He had the Angel go into Jerusalem to mark the foreheads of all those who opposed the King and all their human depravity of sacrifice before allowing their circumstances to degrade into eating each other to survive.

So yes, I guess we are on the same page..lol


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