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By Shmuel Asher - 17 Aug 2012

Sue, Kim, Jenn, Ken, Serena, Mark, etc.  I inquired of my family member who as you may be aware, works and has deep access to our library and archives in israel.. I am inquiring about some things in Isaiah as they exist within the DSS, and this is part of the answer I just got. Im sending it to some of you so that you can fully appreciate the depth and breadth of just a small portion of the issues we face when trying to uncover the more original truths of Torah and in this case, one of the main Prophets all Christians use to prove crap that never existed, and doing so believing the entire books authenticity etc., much less through your English translations.  Thus, the next time everyone want’s to tell me what it all says or means, and or WHO said it and WHEN, think back to this answer, because this is depicting this many issues in ONLY one book.



Yes, the text of the earliest scroll somewhat conforms to the traditional Masoretic version codified in the medieval codices, i.e. conventional order. But as you know the scroll contains alternative spellings, scribal errors, corrections and many variant readings. I can sure to tell you that the number of textual variants is well over 2,600 making sevral ranges from a single letter, one or more words, to complete variant verses.

As for your example, the second half of Ch2 line 9 and all ln10 in the Masoretic version are absent from the ds Scroll in our museum's full manuscript which you have seen. Although the same verses are found to be included in other versions of Isaiah in [4QIsaa, 4QIsab], and also within Septuagint versions. Although these are early scrolls, it confirms that these verses were a late addition to the earlier and more original version we have. So see you don’t need me again.


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