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By Shmuel Asher - 20 Aug 2012

Well Frank, I think that Isaiah 1:11 texts speaks clearly don’t you?  The issues w/Isaiah is that ONLY about up to chapt 30 or so is known or believed to ACTUALLY be from Isaiah, then the rest has been broken down into being from either ONE additional and MUCH later source – (within the Babylonian captivity period) or even up to 3 OTHER sourced even later than that. This is why I crack up so much when all the xtians are always using the much later chapters of ISA to prove Jesus as the God/Messiah thing. There are sooooooo many points of light, or darkness, depending on how you look at it, but 99% have no clue about the many falsifications Judah ALONE pulled on the world and continue to do so through the same playbooks.  I generally only let out small bits of these issues from yr to yr because most people would instantly implode if I told them all the issues at once..lol   It’s a real travesty Frank; but all I can tell you is, that when Yehshua says that they are false Hebrews and of the Evil synagogue, none of you truly understand just how deep that goes and who specifically he was speaking to.

Here, try this on for size, as I don’t believe you will melt down: And this is just a small taste:

1.  The prophet Daniel never existed which the Orthodoxy Judah knows full well.

2. The book Daniel and Zachariah were both written in Babylon by the priest and later prophet Ezekiel. Which is why I never take much of what Ezekiel says as viable.

3.  Its known within Judah’s orthodoxy that Ezekiel the Levitical Priests wrote most of main topic points of Deuteronomy – (The 2nd Law). i.e. the hidden false Oral laws they say that THEY and Moshe received at Sinai. Of course the LATER texts depict this entire book as magically appearing on the scene through King Josiah’s high priest in order to give this book its placement within the final 5 books Ezra and friends established for us.

4.  Deuteronomy was the VERY first actual codified book of law, which wasn’t totally completed until about 70 to 80 yrs AFTER Ezra and Nehemiah established the people in Jerusalem via the martial law forces of the new Babylonian King. Duet is the FALSE Judahite Levitical law that ALL post Babylonian and modern Judaism is based on.

5. Leviticus was the 2nd Edition which came later for the reemphasizing of their Deuteronomy law, and actually strengthened many social points which were failing in their 1st edition.

6. Numbers came after that, mainly because they needed a way to FINALIZE this NEW work which THEY attributed to Moshe. You see, if you pay REALLY close attention, the ORIGINAL basic and very minimal Torah given to Moshe, is in total contradiction to all of their Judahite laws. This is why most believe they see so many contradictions throughout, which is true. Contradictions that they needed to deal with by periodically updating the texts and continually attributing them all to Moshe. Now, if you pay REALLY close attention to the end of numbers, after say chapt 19, you will see an absolute shift with them depicting Moshe as an idiot who broke MANY laws which of course HAD to be finalized to THEIR new standards of false law before anyone would ever follow it all as truth and in THEIR absolute authority. So, by Num 20 we see this destruction of Moshe’s character being established in order to both establish THEM, the Levites, as the preeminent authority over all Torah texts and all people, and the specific guys who specifically sanctified YHVH through their perfect obedience to that point..lol  I know, its laughable if it wasn’t so horrible.

Continuing on this point, we also see them later in this book depicting YHVH as telling them that they have to kill off the Midianites (who were all allies by the way). This was done – written in – in order for them to have a finalization within the texts for the wicked disobedience of Moshe for marrying a Midian priests daughter etc.. lol.  Again, ridiculous in light of the fact that he married into that family long before AHYH called him; but we wont attempt to use the actual texts much less logic here...lol

 Understand, that the MAIN point of Judahite law was the law against intermarriage into today. Thus, how can Moshe have been the God given authority to everyone on all matters (IF) he clearly broke this well established law. Which by the way was ONLY established in Babylon and executed directly after their reintroduction to Jerusalem by Ezra and Nehemiah via Babylonian military martial law – ( THIS is why in Nehemiah’s account we see them all CRYING!, NOT because they were so overcome by the realization of their long lack of true Torah..lol ).  However, if your going to write ALL NEW false laws and enforce them under martial law, then the ONLY way you are going to be able to control the masses on these points, is to depict it to be the Law of Moshe directly from YHVH. Therefore, these had to be STAGED within THEIR FALSE texts in order to be able to play out their final authority message to all peoples unto today THROUGH the original authority of Moshe. Thus, Moshe’s issues both had to be accounted for and extinguished by YHVH and the Levites, as well as showing Moshe as finally being penalized for OTHER Earlier actions – (see Ex 17) that never occurred outside of Numbers and Deut, which of course they fabricated to those ends.

7. Judah was NEVER a part of any of the original Habirew tribes!  Contrary to the popular beliefs which were of course propagated by the house of Judahites, the true Habirew tribes, SOME OF WHICH long existed within Northern Canaan PRIOR to the Exodus event, as proven through OTHER Canaanite tribal records found, as well as the FEW Habirew who were brought out of Egyptian captivity; DID NOT OPPOSE the Judahites for the many BS reasons given. They mainly opposed them, and finally broke away from them after 2 attempts at unification because of their NEW religious MAIN dogmas of  - 1. Total racial segregation, 2. Intermarriage laws, 3. Judahite/Levitical martial law to govern all aspects of tribal lives, 4. Their legalized dogma of destruction of all nations – whether captive of visitors, and 4. Their mandatory animal/human sacrificial system etc. Most do not know that it was the Habirew tribes main sticking point that they would NEVER team up w/Judah unless everyone was ruled by a KING from ANYONE other than a Judahite, which as we know didn’t last long with their Judah-Benjamite candidate Saul. The final straw was that the Judahites always manipulated a way to get one of their own Judahite people in place as King overall – i.e. their man Shemuel choosing the Judahite Dawid, BY YHVH’s authority of course, to overthrow the half-pick Saul etc. So, allot of what I'm telling you can now be re-gleaned from the accounts you already know, but from a different vantage point. And PS: Evidently, both David and his Son Solomon never got the Racial segregation or intermarriage law memos..lol

And all this is JUST the tip!

Thus, as I have long attempted to teach the ignorant; absolutely NONE of what you believe to be true is truth; and ALL, not some, ALL of the information within Lev, Num and Duet has been 100% manufactured by Judah/Levy and Benjamin within the confines of their Babylonian captivity, which was NEVER a true captivity at all mind you, given what we know through the Babylonian records of their lives there, and the fact that LESS than 15% of the entire Judaic population actually LEFT Babylon when they opened the gates! This is NOT to say that certain MINUTE parts or precepts of truth weren't taken out of the original Genesis and Exodus info that Moshe knew in order to fabricate their new versions, it was, however even those original truths were totally corrupted to fit.

That all being said, most people love the excrement they sit it and eat daily, and I am mostly obliged to let them continue in doing so, as I am not AHYH, nor am I His prophet.

Sorry if I ruined your week already...LOL


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