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By Shmuel Asher - 21 Aug 2012

This is an answer I gave someone who is stressing all the issues I am bringing out about the many manipulated text, as it is becoming a common concern for most of you as we progress.

Yeah, well, truthfully, as I have taught, yes we have to base WHO and WHAT He required of His creation THROUGH the observation of His creation, which scientifically is beyond perfection and in and of itself, does not allow any species to destroy itself Willfully, only man does that. In fact, my personal take on MOST of Man which I have held for many years now, I find best described in this way. Man says that he is a Mammal right? However, he is not, because there is NO mammal on this planet that will over-breed, overuse, or pollute its food source beyond and environment to the point of destroying its environment beyond the environments capacity to replenish or heal, as ONLY man does that. Thus, MOST of man is more like a Virus in its most sincere definition. Thus, MOST of man IS NOT made/acting in His Image!

For us who ARE made/acting in His image, are in fact to UNDERSTAND Him and LOOK for Him within HIS creation, and NOT ONLY in some words of some books, that is the greater wisdom. I SEE Him clearly and His ways of perfection and order THROUGH His creation, in plants, in the cosmos in Physics, etc., and by identifying these perfections, I can THEN read some words in some books of antiquity and be able to DISCERN exactly that which was His, among all the rest which as we know is fully BS. As I always tell you and everyone,  - “If its riddled, hidden, difficult to find or discern, or we need a priest to explain it, ITS FALSE!”... 

And yes, MOST of His original truth is scrambled within MOST of the prophets. However, again we have to always use that same formula of His character even in those texts.

I hope this helps, because I cannot personally discern or communicate this truth any more simply than this; and if SIMPLE isn’t setting you free, than nothing will.


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