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Festival of Unleavened Bread
By Frank L. Hoffman - 19 Mar 2012

Dear Shmuel:

This is another very interesting interpretation of how God was not involved in any of the killing across the Jordan in Canaan, and something we have always suspected.

What about the killing on the east side of the Jordan before they crossed over? Was that part of their self-will taking over, which became a preamble for what they did when they crossed over?

A little note on your science of yeast. Nutritional yeast or cooked baking yeast is no longer active when it is eaten, and cannot cause the problems you mentioned.

We also found your discussion from yesterday, particularly about continual praise and prayer around the world to be very interesting, and it answers something we have always believed; that the dates and days are far less important than our heart attitude of continual praise, prayer, and thanksgiving, which should be a part of our everyday life.

In the Love of the Lord,


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