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Festival of Unleavened Bread
By Shmuel Asher - 19 Mar 2012

The following is my half of a private debate on another view I have been pondering concerning the 3-Kodesh festivals, specifically Un leavened Bread in this case since certain questions have come to me last week on it and Passover.  I may write a more in-depth article on the feasts later, their timing etc. However, I am sending this to everyone now for you to ponder, consider and even research further on your own. Feel free to pass it along.

{Yeast/Leaven}. Aheyeh stopped their use of leaven right off, and I highly doubt they were adding leaven to Mannah for 40yrs, although I have no Torah proof of this in either direction.  However, throughout that area, especially within the Hebrew culture at that time, and even up to today, the custom as you know is to make mostly flat unleavened breads. The more man becomes technologically advanced, the more things like the very heavy use of leaven have come into common use. Not that this was supposed to be, but because that’s what man does. 

Now think of it this way; The 7 day annual festival of UB is, as the other 2 commanded feasts are, {MEMORIALS} or {In memory of}.  However, why has our orthodoxy, of whom we know has changed/manipulated many points of original Torah, made it so that this 7 day memorial is in fact a memorial to remember that He made us eat UB AT THAT TIME ONLY?  And NOT a memorial to remember WHY we are STILL ONLY to eat UB daily forever?  In other words, do I need that annual 7 day festival to remember the walk away from slavery?  - I mean we have Passover for that specifically - Or do we all collectively need that 7 day memorial annually to REMIND and REINFORCE in us WHY He made us eat ONLY UB daily and continually with NO break from it till this day and beyond?

I ask this because I view ALL ORIGINAL Torah as of course being Eternal, from before to forever, thus it always existed; BUT every so often after man changes it, He sends Gabriel to REITERATE the original minimal Torah to someone with the instructions to Learn it, Live it, and TEACH IT! Right?  We see this from Adamah, to Enoch, to Noach, to Abrahim, to Moshe, to Yehshua, to even Mohammed, IF one goes strictly by the ORIGINAL Word/Kara/Kara’an that Gabriel gave to Mohammed, and not the rest which has since been highly added to and modified as was don’t with ours.

As I believe this true and ORIGINAL Word/Torah/Kara/Kara’an is being revealed again to some degree through several people today.  My point being that He REITERATES allot of original points to man, as He has given us to do through the 3 festivals/memorials. Thus, it stands to Torah reason and logic that everything He was doing with our fathers in that wilderness for 40yrs, was never supposed to end, {unless we opted out}, which of course THEY and most all after them did and continue to do today – Opt Out.  They opted out, so He allowed their physical bodies and dead blood eating souls to cross that Jordon; but not because they were righteous, but because He had promised this IN PART to Abrahim; albeit that promise in total has not yet been completed; we know this because if one pays close attention, one will find that He did NOT cross that river w/them did He?

The fire by night and the cloud by day and quite literally most all other major provisions left w/Him that very day, as we see depicted in Joshua, this was never supposed to occur even unto this very day. Which is why we see within our Hebrew history after that day, them fighting and killing entire populations in order to fulfill the destiny they believed they were entitled to even after Opting Out of His Offer, an OFFER we clearly see in and around Exodus 23. Because surely all that fighting and dying was not His way of GIVING them the land as promised to Abrahim, nor was it the way He expressed in Exodus that He would GIVE it to them IF they complied with His Offer. Nor was it the way He told them that He would SLOWLY MOVE the Canaanite tribes away from them over a LONG period of time by their natural growth and through Canaanite assimilation or grafting in to them, NOT by killing them all off. This idea of killing them off kinda works against the whole GRAFTING IN process, much less wide spread positive public relations to that end; and I see no difference between this attitude and that of every Demi-god or insane narcissistic war-lord that ever lived or lives today. Thus, what we see in all Torah, especially  after say Exodus 19 with certain few exceptions, is all man made ego driven vanity, insanity and superstition; just more proof that most people should not be allowed access to pen and paper for any publish-able works. My overall point being, that His true Torah is simple, occasionally reiterated/reestablished, and cyclic. Meaning that the 3 feast, in this case Unleavened Bread, is NOT only an annual Memorial event, but a memorial event to remind/reiterate and reestablish in our hearts and minds as to why we are to eat ONLY Unleavened bread continually. All of His original Torah is CONTINUAL; only men have instituted all the breaks within commanded customs and established those Kodesh festivals into mere shadows of their original and true meaning and understanding for us.  All this coupled with the many man-made calendars which completely move us away from His ACTUAL appointed CLEAN days for these festivities, has just been traumatic in its negative results.

Also, now we know through medical science, that Yeast is very bad for humans as it promotes the growth of and continually supplies the perfect food source for such fungi like Candida and other such poisonous fungi; all of which are now known to be a dominant over-growths found in all cancer patients.  Anyway, this has been my ongoing process concerning the consumption of leaven in foods and how it may contribute or diminish the original intention of The Eternal for us.


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