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Festival of Unleavened Bread
By Frank L. Hoffman - 20 Mar 2012

Hi Shmuel:

We agree with most of what you wrote, but we still see Biblical teaching, including the things you have written pointing mainly to our obedience to God in the form of the way we live, such as returning to the unconditional compassion we were to have from Eden.

Does God want us to ritualize our celebration of Him, or live our lives in such a way before the world around us that we bring constant glory to His name?

We also understand about the vast majority of Christians, for they neither celebrate the holidays non live truly compassionate lives.

Even as a child in Sabbath school, I kept thinking, that there had to be more to our celebrations. It seemed like something very important was being left out. (the way we were to live before God)

In the Love of the Lord,


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