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Festival of Unleavened Bread
By Frank L. Hoffman - 20 Mar 2012

Dear Shmuel:

This is part of the problem with using only email to communicate. It's not that these days of remembrance are unimportant, it's that we believe the Scriptures clearly show that they have a lesser importance than our heart and soul attitude.

I was also classifying the days into the ritual, because your discussion of the importance of the calendar and special days came across as being overly ritualistic in comparison to the importance of our relationship with God, which you do talk about in your other writings. It’s not that you taught actual rituals.

You made your point much clearer in this email. Thank you.

We can imagine how many emails you received. We find the same things when we tie animal rights issues to Biblical teachings and call the churches to task for their hardness of heart.

As a side note. Try making your unleavened bread on the plate in the microwave. It bakes in a few minutes and rises a little from the steam, sometimes like a pita. We also flip it over when it is nearly baked, and cook for another minute or two.

In the Love of the Lord,


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