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Festival of Unleavened Bread
By Shmuel Asher 20 Mar 2012

Hey Frank,   Yes, all of the killing on either side was there Will and there disobedience. The 40 yrs was not so much to kill off a generation as so many false teachers attempt to make people believe, it was mercy and Him giving all of them time to OPT IN somewhere along the way. Which obviously never occurred.

As per my friend Dr. McDougall who is well known in this field of natural nutrition, the yeast, as I said, although dead, if FOOD for the fungi, just as wheat breads and all breads really and much dairy.  did you read the finally chapter of my book yet?  He wrote that.

No, I never said the DAYS weren't important, quite to the contrary, HIS days are ALL important and for many reasons, some which re yet to be known to most people. The issue is that everyone is on different calendars for His commanded feast days, and ever one of them is incorrect. A good friend of mine has just produced a great small 15 page booklet showing the correct system, as well as a companion calendar for the yr, if your interested I will put you in touch.


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