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The New Year and Calendar
By Shmuel Asher - 26 Mar 2012

To all,

After some of your many inquiries these past weeks concerning the correct dates for the Passover and such, as well as my attempts to explain the correct way to reestablish ones self within The Eternals calendar system annually; I contacted two friends, one of which I believe strongly has been given all of the very clear and detailed calendar information needed to bring Aheyeh’s people back on track, I don’t say this lightly. So, after seeing what I believed to be some odd inconsistency with the moon phase  on the first Sabbath of this new yr, which was yesterday of course, I called them. What came out of our 5 hour summit today I believe will astound you all as it did me. First let me say, after a couple of yrs ignoring this topic to those who wanted me to teach it, I decided today to put together some minor and simple as possible calendar tutorial for everyone so we all know it, so if we become disconnected in the future, you can all still know the times and seasons.

Now I can't get into all the details right here; but I will tell you this because I believe it's all important. As most of you may be aware, Aheyeh set the Sun and the constellations in the void on the 4th day, and of course 3 days later was His 1st Sabbath within THIS creation. And that 7 day count has never been broken; this is the ONLY point in which virtually all calendars systems on earth have agreed. Thus, since He STARTED this celestial Swiss clock on that 4th day, then we have to understand that the 3rd day was His first Equinox for this creation. So, we have the EQ, with the very next day beginning the weekly count.

Now, fast forward to The Exodus; The angel of God tells Moshe, who was already an astronomy expert, that TODAY is the beginning of your months for your year. This is extremely important and vastly overlooked by most  and mistranslated by others; but knowing that The Eternal One’s timing is ALWAYS perfect in logic and math, and dependent on no man, beast or weather, I know that this very day that Moshe was told this, was EXACTLY the day after the annual EQ, and NOT only was it the day after the EQ being given to Moshe as their new first day of the first month and the year; BUT..it was the EXACT same progression as the original FIRST creation day!!

You see, each year the EQ will fluctuate a bit to keep in perfect but OPPOSITE timing with the fluctuations of the moon, thus, lets take 2011 for example; we saw the EQ, however, because of the cycle, which will all be explained further in my new doc; we had to wait like 6 days before the first 4th day;  the FORTH day being the one we are to acknowledge as the 1st day of the New Year.   Again, all will be detailed later.  However, we see that when Moshe has his compass recalibrated by the angel of God, it was the Spring, thus it had to have been the Equinox time, as it is highly doubtful that Aheyeh would have started their new count at some point in the middle or end of that cycle, as that would have thrown them off big-time – again, more explained later.  Thus, we can show that the day Moshe received this instruction for his 1st day of his 1st month of his 1st year, was in fact at the HEAD of the counting cycle, just as we see it in Genesis = {Equinox day, with the very next day being the 4th day, which is day 1 of the new year count as well}. Thus, we see that Moshe and our ancestors were sent on their way on Gods EXACT and perfect timing OR the HEAD of the next cycle. 

Now, before I get into why this MAY be significant for us, I want to give a little bit of why I say {The Head of the cycle} Its because this entire count runs on 7 yr. mini cycles to Sabbatical years, this is what the Moons reflection of the sun is used for within this system, nothing else.  In short, the moons phase must be spotted on the FIRST Sabbath AFTER the 1st day in the New Yr.  [ Reiterated -  we see the EQ, then we count to the next 4th day AFTER the EQ, which to us is the 1st day of the 1st month of our New yr. Seeing this Moons phase, tells us WHICH year we are in within THAT 7 yr. cycle. So even if you lost your place somehow, you can always start this system fresh at the next EQ, and also find out where you are within the 7 yr. count by the moon phase on that 1st Sabbath – IF YOU KNOW THE PHASES by eye – .  In other words; the year Moshe was recalibrated, the moon phase was the crescent sliver on the right.  And they were taken out of Egypt in the Exodus on the very same alignment as the FIRST day of the count of creation. 

So, why is that possibly important for us today?  Because when I looked for the moon this year, it was this EXACT same way! And this year, the EQ occurred on the 3rd day! With the 4th day – our first day – being the day directly after the EQ!  Thus, just as Adam saw it on his first Sabbath, and Moshe saw it,  2012 is a RESTART CYCLE year! Just exactly as the Creation year and Moshe’s Exodus year HEAD. 

Not to get presumptuous; but if AHEYEH brought them out of the 1st Egypt at the HEAD of the cycle, can we expect The Greater Exodus shortly within this new cycle?  Something about this must be extraordinary, and at least worthy of us being aware of and adding to our daily prayers as well.  More to come soon once its collated.

S. Asher

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