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Unleavened Life
By Shmuel Asher - 22 Mar 2012

First off, If It sounded like I was stating that the cooking yeast CAUSES the Candida, that is NOT what I meant. I believe I said it FEEEEEEEDS the fungi growth BIG-TIME- which it absolutely does. 

What I didn’t say was that medical stats have shown that more than 80% of Americans have an overgrowth of Candida fungi throughout their bodies due to ANY use of ANY anti-biotic, even one use will do it and it takes years to beat it back IF, [IF] you knew to do so, which most do not, thus, 80+% of people have the massive overgrowth which is now known to be present, and possibly even the cause of many cancer growths; OR at the very least, the food the cancer needs to grow so thoroughly and quickly.  Amazingly the ONLY possible way to beat back such a pervasive fungi is a strict Vegan diet w/NO breads at all other than possibly Ezekiel bread.

It should also be understood that the yeast we get at the store today IS NOT LEAVEN, it is yeast. The LEAVEN the ancients used was a  completely different live culture which they themselves had to grow, passing on that live culture to other bread dough to continue its growth for their use continually; this was most likely FAR worse for the human body; which is most likely why The Eternal forbid its use, as He also forbid the consumption of all fermented beverages. Why would He forbid QUITE clearly through His prophets, as you may have seen depicted in my book, the consumption of ALL fermented beverages, but not forbid the use of that EXACT same leaven in their/our breads for all time equally; did He change?  Oh wait! He did forbid the use of leaven; however, today we read it as it was forbidden for ONLY 7 days a year? Hmmm.. Interesting don’t you think? In light of all the other massive manipulations we absolutely know were made to the Torah we now have, somehow this prohibition is for only 7 days and ONLY within our bread? BUT I HATE THE DRINKERS OF FERMENTED WINES & THE EATERS OF FLESH?  Now remember, the leaven they used in their breads, was the EXACT same process they used in their drinks back then, unlike today I am told, as I believe you just said as well. 

Can’t have it both ways, and for as long as He allows me a breath, I will continue to remind everyone that HE DOES NOT CHANGE; and this just has to be one of those manipulated issues of Torah which continue to show everyone that well...maybe He does change just a little here and there. Either He hates those who consume leaven in drinks and breads, or He and the Prophets are all full of it and all of these conversations are over; that’s really always my greater point regardless of what topic I am teaching.

Look, everyone accept a very minute few have something they are just not willing to let go of, listen to me long enough and you will find yours. Like you were expressing, after my Unleavened Bread email - the heart of a man is what The Eternal One initially looks to, over say the ritual of keeping our/His convocations. However to me, because of my heart, I understand that concept as working in the reverse order as most people like to believe it, and not only in the reverse order, but in both directions simultaneously. Meaning, yes, ones heart has to be for His most original Character and instructions for our lives, which of course He will know when He see’s those instructions being carried out according to the original essence/character of His Torah in our daily lives. The heart cannot be separate from the deed, nor the deeds from the heart. Christian thinking separates their personally stated and believed heart condition from the commanded instructions, and Jews separate their own instructions because of their hearts hard condition. Neither is better or worse than the other. Wrong is wrong my friend, so then it’s the balance we are working towards, regardless of our personal wants, likes or feelings. This is the essence of all original Torah.


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