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Unleavened Life
By Michelle Bowie - 23 Mar 2012

You need to specify it is not the consumption of yeast which causes Candida. It is SUGAR in ALL Forms including ALL artificial forms, STAY away from HFCS also. Sugar ferments in the gut thereby giving Candida (which BTW IS YEAST) it's food source in the form of alcohol sugars...yeah, just like the sorbitol, mannitol, malttitol and other forms of "substitute" sugars used in products called "sugar free" NOT!!! If you're going to make those claims, do your homework and provide the resources from which you pulled the data.

And where are you getting the idea that YHWH commands us to not eat leavened bread at any time other than the FUB.?

If that were so, it would be one of the 613 commands to not eat of it EVER. If your version of Torah states this, then provide the book, chapter and verse please.

The reason we are not to eat of leaven for that week is that it is symbolic of Creation week, when there was no sin. It is for us to be without sin both physically and spiritually symbolic.


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