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Unleavened Life
By Shmuel Asher - 23 Mar 2012

Yeah, actually I never meant for the discussion to even go there. The things some people get fixated on never ceases to amaze me.

On the UB thing, I don’t have to give anyone proof of it; you have to supply proof of where He told anyone to pick its use back up AFTER that initial 7 days?  He did not. Like I said, He doesn’t hate wine because people get high, it’s the leaven, physically and spiritually.  613 Levitical commands? Or all Torah Now? That’s where you think you will see such things?  Do you see His extremely loud and obvious prohibition of killing His other created beings and eating their flesh in the 613?  Nope you don’t, why? Because they wanted to do it, plain and simple.   Like I've said before, either all the Levites are correct and the ALL the prophets are false, or the prophets are reiterating what He originally gave us.  Cant have it both ways.   So, its logical to you that He prohibited the use and possession of ALL leaven for breads only for 7 days, but allowed all leaven in beverages? Check the other sects that didn’t follow the Levites; they neither ate leaven at any time, animal meat or drank wine or beer.  But I'm the one that’s wrong?  Not the pagan Levites?  Lol...

Have a great Shabat



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