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Unleavened Life
By Shmuel Asher - 25 Mar 2012

To all those who are in this question still...

Are you aware you just picked almost every single Tanak verse that is derived from the youngest Priestly scrolls and NONE from the eldest?  And I wont even consider any of the NT texts, because ALL of them have been clearly heavily polluted by their preceding Tanak text manipulations and post Babylonian traditions. Priestly source text language becomes more evident the more you identify as you learn.  Its IDENTICAL to ALL the Levitical language of the animal sacrifices which were added by the Priests/scribes LONG after they entered the land. The issue is that most people are still looking at all these scriptures like they were all written together by the same people in that 40yr period, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. More people REALLY need to read my book.   The oldest and most original instructions we can hope to get to at this moment is in Chapter 13, and even there certain lines were added in VERY specific places to uphold and tie-in chap 13 into the heavily Priestly texts of chapter 12.  This email is not exhaustive of course; but I will point out some small spots that EVERYONE falls prey to on this - 

Read chap 12:14 – “THIS DAY will be a MEMORIAL for you, and you will keep it, a convocation for Aheyeh, for your GENERATIONS as an ETERANAL Torot”..   

The THIS DAY the angel was referring to is PASSOVER!!  NOT UB!    Now, when we go to verse 15, – “For a Shi’bah = [indefinite period] - you will eat Matzot =[UB], surely from past days you will cease = [Shabath] leaven = [seh’ore] from your place; ANYONE who eats foods with chametz”, that soul will be cut off from that day to [Shi’bah]  - an indefinite period”...  Then there is this long space, as it is in the Hebrew, which is telling you the next line (16) either added or changed, I believe in this case modified by changing the word [Shi’bah – Indefinite period to Sheva’im – Seven’s].

12:16 – ALL added!  Read that and go to chapter 13 where they ALSO added this idea of the 1st day & 7th Day Sabbath, ITS NOT THE SAME!!!! Dah...these idiots couldn’t even keep their own false traditions correct.  We see this in chap 13 because through 13 it very clearly says that the High Sabbath is ONLY on the 7th day, w/no mention of this 1st one, because its all bull.  I will tell you without hesitation, there will NEVER be a feast or any convocation on His Sabbath by His time counting via the Sun and the Stars.

12:17 – Most original understanding – “You will  shamahr – [SAFEGUARD] - the Matzot” ....= which in the Hebrew mind means – protect yourselves AGAINST the USE of Leaven in your foods!  This text is NOT speaking to a one time event. Its speaking directly to the continued USE of ALL leaven. (IF), and I stress IF, Aheyeh actually gave the instruction for a 7 day clean out session – as in – you will get this done within this 7 days or else – , then the ONLY way we can POSSIBLY look at this outside of the Levitical prescription, would be to KEEP this ADDITIONAL Memorial 7 day time frame as just that; an annual memorial for everyone to BE REMINDED of WHY He removed ALL leaven from our mouths and our initial agreement to do so; as He did the meat and wine for ALL time, and NOT for just some 7 day period annually just to stick it back in our mouths afterwards.   Vs – 12:17 goes on further to make this an ETERNAL decree!  Last I checked that means forever, not annually.  Vs. 19 as well is a more original text and continues to uphold this thought. However, the English tends to make it sound like the instruction is for 7 days of NO leaven, rather than 7 days to get rid of it as they moved towards their first Sabbath day stop at Succoth. The rest of chap 12 is HIGHLY mistranslated, w/the Hebrew changed quite a bit being all much younger Priestly texts, which is the cause of most of those mistranslated texts of course.

Again, chap 13:3 – Its speaking about the ONE day memorial of Passover, NOT UB, and makes it quite obvious there in the oldest of texts that CHAMETZ is forbidden from that point forward.  Also giving Moshe the reiterated TRUE calendar system. AND, AND, the most unbelievably overlooked understanding of the Passover here in vs-5: The fact that they did NOT celebrate another Passover, or weren't supposed to anyway, until HE GAVE them the land, which again has still yet to occur, but will occur finally in the Greater Exodus.  

You will also notice the mistranslations again in vs: 6 – Which allows the reader to believe that (THIS DAY) which was referred to back in vs:3 is in fact speaking about UB, when it is clearly not.  You will also notice for the first time here at the end of this vs., how we don’t have mention of the 1st day high Sabbath, only a 7th. So which is it? 2 virgin births or no virgin births? – same kind of mishandled manipulations here.   ALSO, and so important to understand here for vs 6 and vs 7 and every other place you find this word – {Shi’bah}, IT DOES NOT MEAN 7-SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!   {Shi’bah} is understood, especially within this context as meaning (On-going – perpetual – indefinite) DAYS!!!!  Just because the Scribes and Priests knew what it meant, doesn’t mean they followed it! In fact, I believe even a child to Torah can easily see that they very quickly followed nothing after they were free & clear of Pharaoh. They knew and still know what it means, they have taught this in the way they wished it to be through their vein traditions...sound familiar? They changed words and the meaning of words through tradition and customs ongoing. Thus, NOT 7 DAYS!!!  Now, in the next verse it even gets better!

Again – vs. 7 has been slightly added to again – which is why we see either a space or semi colon depending on the English version.  Interestingly enough, I believe this verse may even be a bit prophetic to encompass (Eternal life traditions to come) - verse 7 “Matzot – [UB]- will be eaten the Shi’bah – [indefinite period] – no Chametz will be seen in your possession, AND no LEAVEN will be seen in your possession in ALL your borders”.  = LEAVEN= either - [Seh’ore] or [Mo’chametz] – I say either because I have found both used in the Hebrew . [She’ore] – from what I am able to find and understand in an English way, may be something more like a Sourdough process, which I believe is different than the VERY active culture of Chametz.  The [Mo’chametz] is the liquid process like beer, wine and pickling  of vegi’s.   So, for those of you arguing this, it just got worse, because here we see its ALL quite literally of the table. But again I preface this with the fact that the pickling we have now I don’t believe is the same as the Mo’chametz process; however our beer and wine is.

Vs 8-9:  “and you will tell your children on THAT DAY – [Passover] – that it is because of THIS – [our agreement] – that Aheyeh acted on our behalf in Egypt”... 9, and it will be for you a sign on your arm – [deeds of Torah given] – and a memory between your eye’s – [Torah knowledge] – so that Aheyeh’s Torah is allowed in your mouth, because with a strong arm Aheyeh REMOVED you from Egypt”..= [Chametz].  "10 “You will observe this Torah in this time from year to year”. -- What Torah? The Torah of the Passover Memorial!

Firstly, I have added back in His true name because the Angel gave it that way to Moshe, thus, this is what they were using.   Secondly – “In your mouth”..?   You see? This is EXACTLY the same reason why Aheyeh, all the prophets, even the prophet Yehshua, and EVEN Mohammed originally; taught that ALL the MEAT had to be removed from our mouths/diet before Aheyeh would HEAR our prayers, OR allow His messengers to protect or administer to us. The EXACT same thing is being given as Torah for us here with ALL, not some, ALL leaven! As with the meat, ALL leaven must also be removed from our mouths as well! Thirdly - quite clearly depicted here in vs-8&9 only the Passover memorial is being spoken of, and not some OTHER redundant remembrance memorial which has been called UB/Matzot.  Has it ever made sense to anyone why He would have us memorialize the exact same memorial idea 2 times in the same exact time frame for the same reason?  I mean these two events are clearly separated events. 

Thus, Passover IS the Memorial occasion; and the CLEAR PROHIBITION of Chametz, She’ore & Mo’chametz  is for an indefinite period, NOT another 7 day memorial. NOW – that all being said, and of course I do intend to build this into a more detailed document soon – NONE of this understanding takes away from us acknowledging Him, as well as reminding ourselves annually through some 7 day convocation as we have been or see fit within His known character and Torah.  We should however not do it and teach it authoritatively like HE gave it to us to do, especially while the leaven is being added back in to our mouths directly after. This is exactly what got my/our ancestors into the real big trouble. Defiling His name, His Torah unto all the nations around them with their Chametz/false teachings!

Now, everyone should please understand; I have written many docs and now an entire book which clearly depict most of the scholarly information one needs at the very least to continue their own education concerning all the misdeeds of the Simeon scribes and Levite Priests.  So, as cordially as I am capable of being; please don’t continue to send me emails and or phone calls quoting all manner of supposed ORIGINAL texts which APPEAR to contradict what I am saying on this point before you have established your own in-depth knowledge base encompassing ALL aspects of Torah and Torah history and all peripheral histories and languages which have all deeply impacted the Torah you have today etc.  I realize many love the several calendar systems, everyone loves their breads, and meats and circumcision and candle lighting etc etc etc etc etc etc.... So, by all means, do exactly what your heart tells you to do on ALL of these subjects and many more; and while your at it, use your search abilities to find and read every single prophetic and Genesis text concerning the use and legitimacy of the human heart.  I don’t want anyone following me! My job as I have accepted it is to HEAR and TEACH, not to convince.  Of course this does not include serious questions as I have always been and will remain open to teaching anyone willing and open. Of course as I have said many times, the longer you listen to me, the more personal walls/traditions/likes etc., you will run smack into, and evidently this is one, as there have been several of you now evidently excited over the loss of leavened products. And FYI, this disclaimer is not pointed at any one persons query or attitude, it’s a long time coming, as all these possible changes effect most everyone on varied levels.


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