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You arrived to this page by no mistake. One way or the other, you have read, witnessed, and/ or heard about animal exploitation, abuse, and cruelty at the hands of humans.

You’re outraged, angry, depressed, and grieving. What can you you do to make a positive difference? Perhaps you're wondering where you can even begin.

Don’t feel discouraged or feel that you are unable to create change for any reason such as being too young, too old, have too little time, or isolated from the consensus. You might feel that there are special circumstances personally impeding you from opportunities and the ability to effectively make a difference.

Regardless of your situation, the truth is this…

  • The best thing that you can do to help animals is to stop eating them.
  • Adopt a vegan lifestyle.
  • Share with others the truths you have learned.
  • Use the information below.
Socializing and Networking

Socializing and Networking You're not alone, even if it feels as if you are.

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