CAP Meals in a Bag

Prepare and make quick nutritious meals with the CAP Meals in a Bag plan!  The food comes in a bag and the meals are prepared in the home.  Most of the recipes serve a family of four; or plenty of leftovers if cooking for less people.  The CAP Food Pantry’s goal is to offer healthful non-refrigerated supplemental foods as “starter foods” to prepare main dishes.

Having salads or fresh vegetables is a nice way to start out a meal.  Including a fruit or a fruit salad after the meal or in the morning with breakfast is a nice idea too.

Many CAP recipes include canned goods.  To decrease sodium in recipes that call for plain canned beans or vegetables, they may be rinsed before using them.  If you notice bubbles when rinsing them, this may be from the liquid in the beans or air trapped in the can.   

Compassionate Actions Project recipes are another example of how we are helping the people we serve in the best ways we can.


Always consult your physician when changing your diet.