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Mohonk Hears from C.A.S.H. once again, This time joined by SCAR!

Thank you to SCAR - Student Coalition for Animal Rights of SUNY (State University of New York) New Paltz campus, we had a fantastic demonstration at 7:30 a.m. on a bright morning in September. wpe17.jpg (7433 bytes)We were there to meet and greet the folks who were coming to New Paltz to run in a fundraiser for Mohonk Preserve that morning. Cars passed us, most giving thumbs up and honking in agreement that Mohonk should not allow hunting. (Photo-left: Ayotte and April Daly - by Anne Muller)

Some reasons not to hunt at Mohonk are the following:

  • The mature forest keeps the deer population low.
  • By their own count, Mohonk has only 1 deer per 10 acres.
  • Hunting will only serve to increase the population they claim they wish to reduce as hunters are taking the bucks
  • Mohonk sells permits to hunt and should not profit from the killing of wildlife .
  • Selling hunting licenses is not cost effective. Many members have protested the fact that they are allowing hunting, and many more refuse to become members because they permit hunting.
  • Mohonk is creating a dangerous situation for hikers and other outdoor users of the property. (Mohonk actually tired to get a bill passed that would absolve them of liability should someone be injured or killed on their property).
  • A companion dog was shot by a hunter at Mohonk several years ago.
  • Lead bullets are used, leaching into the soil and water.

Please continue to write to: Mohonk Preserve, Sara Senior, Pres. POB 715, NP, NY 12561-0715, 845-255-0919, [email protected]

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