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Tuffy is a potbelly pig whose best friend in the world was a little white potbelly.  When they were youngsters (right photo), they ran off together unmindful of cars, poachers, vandals, or other dangers and stayed away for hours. I imagined the two little rascals using their snouts to dig and shovel and unearth succulent goodies that the earth yields up only to the savvy.

 cc2001-sp-farm1.jpg (152682 bytes)

Baby Tuffy

During the rescue of Tuffy's family (so named because she was tough), Tuffy escaped. I vowed to reunite Tuffy with her family. The stench of death permeated the air at the "farm", a pig lay dead inside one of the three dilapidated houses on the property.

With cars on the road, irate neighbors, folks who saw a good meal, poison, and disease, conspired against Tuffy, she was doomed if we couldn't get her.

For 6 weeks our efforts led nowhere. Following severe storms, Tuffy disappeared and a butcher knife was left ominously nearby! We posted a "Reward" sign offering $250 for her safe capture. From calls that came in, we discovered that Tuffy had traveled 2 miles away! But it gave us hope that she was alive! We began to leave food again, hoping she would rediscover her old home. One day I went back and the bread had been eaten. Had the chickens eaten it? (They were later also rescued) I'd grown keenly aware of differences between Tuffy's food remains and those of the chickens. The chickens always left some crust, and lots of crumbs. They never ate the carrots. Tuffy, on the other hand, left nothing.

Looking closely, every crumb was gone and the little shriveled mini-carrots were gone! Tuffy's back! I yelled. I didn't see her that day, but I KNEW she was back.

On the third day of believing strongly that she was there, I heard a great rustling of the high vegetation, and Tuffy appeared in all her glory! She seemed to gigantic - much like Mighty Joe Young, but she was little Tuffy all right.

cc2001-sp-farm2.jpg (41890 bytes)

Tuffy in new home with an audience
Photo by Sara Whalen

I was thrilled. But now, how to get her. At this time, I got a call about a horrible poaching situation (mentioned on page 11) and the caller turned out to be a carpenter. I went there to help work on that case, and he reciprocated by putting a door up on a barn!!! We tied a long cord to the door and threw Tuffy's favorite food deep into the barn. Leaving for about 5 minutes, we gave Tuffy a chance to well inside. Knowing we had only one chance to play that card, we sneaked up and I quickly pulled the rope. Horrifyingly, the bolt didn't lock as it had during the practice trials!! But Pete stepped to the door and latched it. For the first time in two months we had her confined, but it was 8 p.m. We called the Gardiner Animal hospital and begged Dr. Goodnow, to come out immediately. cc2001-sp-farm3.jpg (8817 bytes)
He got our call that we had Tuffy as he and his family were sitting down to dinner, so he brought his entire family with him. (Dr. Goodnow, Tuffy and Peter photo left)  After tranquilizing her, she was brought to Gardiner Animal Hospital. Dr. Goodnow stayed up all night putting cold compresses on Tuffy's head as she was greatly stressed by the capture. After several days of being medically watched and adjusting to captivity, we reunited her with the rest of her family at Pets Alive, a no-kill sanctuary.

cc2001-sp-farm4.jpg (117791 bytes)

Marilyn and Peter rescuing ducks

A big thank you to all those who helped in the rescue of so many animals over the weeks - NJARA, Joe Miele, Marilyn Leybra, Peter Muller, SCAR and especially Eric Ayotte who put in so many hours, to J.M. who built the door, and especially to Dr. Goodnow of Gardiner Animal Hospital!

cc2001-sp-farm5.jpg (16617 bytes)

Eric Ayotte rescuing a Guinea hen

Thank you to Pets Alive for taking the potbellies, and Oasis for taking the waterfowl and peacocks.

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