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No Seattle Goose Kill for 2004

“Parks will declare a moratorium on goose euthanasia for 2004”

According to documents obtained under the state public disclosure act, on August 4, 2003, Seattle Parks Superintendent Ken Bounds and other Parks Waterfowl Management Team members met and decided that “Parks will declare a moratorium on goose euthanasia for 2004.” Also present at this meeting were Parks Public Information Officer Dewey Potter, Resource Conservation Coordinator Barbara DeCaro and Aquatics Program manager Kathleen Whitman.

In addition, according to the meeting notes, the Parks Department is pledged to working “on a program of non-lethal management strategies” to include the use of dogs on public beaches, increased addling and poop cleanup as well as habitat modification programs at Gasworks and South Lake Union Parks. Parks is also considering the use of lasers and feeding deterrents.

Give Geese A Chance applauds the Parks Department’s decision to institute a moratorium on killing geese in Seattle Parks. However, the Parks Department decision for a one year moratorium is completely unacceptable. Give Geese A Chance is demanding a permanent moratorium on Parks sponsored goose killing.

During the past four years, the Parks Department and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels received thousands of telephone calls, emails and letters condemning the ill-conceived goose killing program. Sources in the mayor’s office indicated that more public input was received about this issue that any other in decades.

For the past three years, Give Geese A Chance volunteers have patrolled city parks to protest and document the goose kills as well as to alert media. Some volunteers physically interfered with the kill by chasing geese with sirens or dogs or by jumping into the lakes to scare geese away.

Both media and police have been critical of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) agents use of Seattle police and Harbor Patrol to close down parks to conduct their activities without public scrutiny. During the three-year-long protests, no demonstrators were ever charged with any illegal activity. In the past year, demonstrations were stepped up to include protests at Superintendent Ken Bounds’ West Seattle home.

This was a press release sent by Give Geese a Chance in Seattle Washington. For more information and to help out, contact Bob Chorush of Give Geese a Chance at [email protected] or go to the website:

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