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Sharon Shapiro, loving wife of Dr. Ahmed Halima, unexpectedly passed away on November 20, 2003. Dr. Halima has been a long time supporter and activist in the animal rights and social justice movements. Sharon shared his philosophy and commitment to bringing about a more compassionate world for all. As a couple, they epitomized what multi-cultural peace means: Sharon was born Jewish and Ahmed was born Muslim, and they respected and loved each other. If only the world would follow their way. Although she was from New York City, Sharon chose New Paltz, an area that she loved, to be her eternal resting place. We thank Ahmed for his memorial gift to C.A.S.H. Please know, Ahmed, that Sharon will be missed by all.


Ursa was from Plainfield, NJ. She was a long time member of NJARA, New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance. The newspaper obituary stated: “She shunned hatred and injustice and loved all living things.” Sadly posthumously, we thank Ursa for being a shining light. We’ve no doubt that her life influenced many.


Micky Gunnerson and Stan Pajewski were our staunch supporters in the Clarkstown, NY Goose Wars in the early to mid 1990s. Without Micky’s and Stan’s help and support, we would not have been as successful. We were saddened to hear of Micky’s passing through the contribution that Stan made in her memory. We will never forget Micky, Stan.


Following another hellish fall and winter of legal killing and attacks on wild animals, we wish to include in this column all of the nameless victims who died an untimely and brutal death caused by hunters, the weapons industry, and wildlife management agencies.

In this memorial section, Shanley represents all who’ve been killed. As you can see, he was a hero to the little doe who was watching him.

A.G. took this photo right before hunting “season.” She knew Shanley from the time he was a fawn. Every autumn she worried, for she had no way to communicate to him that if he left her property, he could be doomed.

With a heavy heart, she greeted him, watched him romp and enjoy being alive, observed his friendship with the others, gave him a name, and knew that once hunting started, she might never see him alive again. This year, Shanley was killed by a hunter who saw him as a mere trophy. The hunter took Shanley from his family, his friend A.G., and all of us forever.

We know that there will come a time when the link between lethal weapons and wildlife management is severed and wild animals protected from the ravages of brutal businesses, instincts, and governance

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