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Bridgeton News, NJ


Thursday, December 04, 2003

DEERFIELD TWP. -- While out deer hunting early Tuesday morning near Lebanon Road, Mayor John Stanzione fired his muzzleloader at a deer and missed the head of Rosenhayn resident Frank Manno by 2 inches as he was driving to work.

The bullet smashed through the windshield of Manno's car and lodged in the headrest, inches from his head.

Doug Ely, conservation officer for the Department of Fish and Game, said no one was injured and that the incident was an accident.

Ö "Mr. Stanzione had been hunting in that area for many years," he said. "While there might have been safe shooting lanes in the past, those are now gone due to the development the area has seen."

[Hunters use the roads off of major highways and do not know which direction they are shooting in. Weíre amazed that this type of occurrence has not gotten more publicity. This is not just an accident, but an accident waiting to happen. Isnít it possible that some crashes may have been caused by bullets entering vehicles. If the wreckage is severe enough and the people killed or in a coma, it might never be discovered.]

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