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They Call the Wind Mariah


By now everyone has a Katrina connection & if not, should - ours is Mariah

Moria Holland, the amazing New Orleans dog rescuer, came to visit with the many dogs she had rescued from a shelter in New Orleans.

All were slated to die within hours of her arrival the shelter. She drove back north hopeful that the promises of adoption and foster would pan out. We had promised to adopt one or two very small dogs to add to our family of Lilliputians.

When Maria came with all relatively large dogs, we chose the smallest…a medium sized “pug mix” (according to the vet), but what bundle of energy. Nevertheless, she was a cutie and we named her “Moria”after her rescuer.

After several days, Pete said, “Do you know that ‘Moria’ means ‘wind’”? He handed me the lyrics of the well known song.

Way out west, they got a name
For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire’s Joe and
They call the wind Mariah

Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, music by Frederick Loewe

I thought it an amazing coincidence that the name we gave to this dog, a Katrina Hurricane victim, meant “wind.” At that moment we changed the spelling of her name to “Mariah.” While the pronunciation remained the same, the significance of the name changed. It was Mariah’s and our secret.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep her because of my other little dog who’s a true tyrant, though a fraction of Mariah’s size. One day, sweet-natured Mariah was in her usual bouncy mood when she playfully danced on little Taco and threw Taco’s back out of alignment. After a sonogram, the vets discovered a large tumor in Taco’s spleen, which later turned out not to be malignant, and both the tumor and the spleen were removed.

We had to find a permanent home for Mariah.

We were so fortunate to have found a loving home for her only three miles away so we can visit.

By now, Mariah has settled in and I hear it’s a mutual admiration society.

They travel together, snuggle together, and go for long walks on their 13-acre property.

At first, we tried to post her photo to a site attempting to locate her family in New Orleans, but the question regarding the streets where she was found couldn’t be answered, and the pitiful site wouldn’t accept the post without that information.

We hope and pray that her New Orleans family trusts that she’s in a loving home. They’ll always be a part of her as she will be with them. We, too, will never forget her though she was only with us for three weeks. We’ve made it known to the new family that our home is always open to

Mariah should they not be able to keep her, just as her wonderful rescuer, Moria, let us know the same when she left her with us.

So Mariah now has many friends who care about her.

We’re so grateful for having been given the opportunity to have experienced her beautiful, playful nature. We wish you well, Mariah!

Oh, and Taco has totally recovered from her surgery and is back to her nasty self.

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