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Please Join Wildlife Watch in wishing a HAPPY NEW LIFE to 3 AFRICAN LIONS, 2 MOUNTAIN LIONS, AND 1 BLACK JAGUAR.

Photos are generic as we could not photograph actual cats prior to going to print

In mid-October, Wildlife Watch raised thousands of dollars and participated in the animal auction that was held at the closing of the Catskill Game Farm in Catskill, NY. The Catskill Game Farm was one of the largest privately held zoos in the world.

As we knew canned hunt operators would be there, we felt it would be imperative to attend and outbid them on as many animals as we could. With other animal protectionists feeling similarly, a coalition of individuals cooperated to save the animals. Our fears were not unfounded, once there we saw not only canned hunt operators, but taxidermists, breeders, and slaughterers. The generous donations that so many people made to Wildlife Watch allowed us to pay for many animals who otherwise would have faced a bleak future. The list includes: 2 Conures, 1 Goffin Cockatoo, 5 Emus 4 Vervet monkeys, at least 25 Guinea pigs, 28 Rabbits, 3 Iguanas, 1 Lory Parrot, and others.

Following the auction, we found out that six large cats remained at the Catskill Game Farm. After weeks of working on negotiating the release of the cats to a Sanctuary we were rewarded with a 3-way signed agreement just ONE DAY before this issue of the C.A.S.H. Courier was finalized!

The transfer of all the cats to The Wildcat Sanctuary www.wildcatsanctuary.org from the Catskill Game Farm is scheduled to take place no later than December 17th. just in time for them to have a Merry Christmas. The Wildcat Sanctuary, in Sandstone MN, has all required government permits, and more importantly is accredited by TAOS-The Association of Sanctuaries www.taosanctuaries.org, and the American Sanctuary Association www.asaanimalsanctuaries.org. In conversations with people about the climate of Minnesota for tropical animals, we were told that they adjust to a wide range of temperature and, in fact, suffered horribly in the heat of the summers in the Catskill Mountains of NY!

As this will be our last contact until Mid-February, we wish you all a Wonderful New Year.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for fighting for the animals!


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