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Know the Enemy 
by Anthony Marr

In the United States, millions of dollars of animal-loving anti-hunting donors’ hard-earned money and heart-given donations are pumped into pro-hunting and downright hunting organizations with names like the National Wildlife Federation, the Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, to name just a few. (At least the Safari Club International, the quintessential big-game hunters’ club of which both Presidents Bush and VP Cheney are members, as well as, for example, the National Rifle Association and the Christian Bowhunters of America, are more honest with their self-indicting nomenclature.) Not only are vast financial resources injected into these imposter groups from the innocent animal-loving public, but the Animal rights and animal welfare movements are deprived of these same resources in the process, so the damage done to the animal rights/animal welfare movement is doubled.

If you are interested in donating to an organization, the first thing to do is to call it and ask point blank what its position on hunting is. 

To help us understand these organizations, and hunting itself, there is no better place to start than from the quintessential hunter himself, who often holds high positions in these hunt clubs and imposter groups, and, not least of all, government.  Know thy enemy is what it’s about.

1. His most primal motivation is to kill animals for entertainment, but often justifies it as a God-ordained gift, with the created-for-humans animals thrown in.  And, to perpetuate the “culture” and “tradition”, he teaches his offspring, as young as 3, to kill for fun and “hook them for life”.

2. He prides himself on being the “true wildlife conservationist”, when his true motive, even if he ends up conserving some species, is to have more of that species to hunt next year, not to preserve nature in perpetuity for its own sake as lived by real wildlife preservationists.

3. He “harvests” the most magnificent specimen of any given species, fully knowing, yet disregarding, that this would diminish the quality of that species over time. All he cares about is to have the biggest trophy in his rec-room, perhaps as a compensation for his personal shortcomings which he would certainly not hang on the wall.

4. He regards the natural predators, such as cougar, bear, wolf, lynx, coyote and fox, as competitors for deer, caribou, elk and moose, and seeks to exterminate them by any means necessary, including involving these pseudo-conservation groups and imposter groups in the process. They of course enjoy killing all animals, including, perhaps especially, the predators.

5. He wants as many deer (being the main prey by far, plus elk and moose and others) to hunt as possible – to the tune of over 10 million per year. Eradicating the predator species is one means to this end. They also artificially feed deer in the wild and on their own land in the form of food plots, for the express purpose of cultivating as large a deer population for hunting purposes as possible.

6. He and his political and industrial cronies then complain bitterly and loudly to the public that there is a deer overpopulation problem from coast to coast, which causes ecological damage as well as deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs), and that, therefore, deer must be and need be hunted in huge numbers, both in the wild and in urban settings – the latter by bow hunters - to “protect the public and the environment” across the land.

7. He makes it sound as if he is doing the public a favor, but the truth of the matter is that first, he is the origin of the deer population problem, and second, the direct cause of DVCs. Call any major insurance company and it will tell you that the largest number of DVC claims occur during the deer hunting season, with a sharp spike on the opening day of the season. Deer are usually prudent and cautious while approaching any open space, such as a glade or a roadway. But in the hunting season, they dash across the road to escape from the hunters in the woods. Hunters argue that it is the rut, not the hunt, which causes the DVCs, but nonhunted areas do not have the problem.

8. There exists a broad range of non-lethal and humane strategies, tactics, methods and technologies, including two proven categories of immuno-contraception vaccines, and the new low-labor/low-cost DAC (Deer Auto-Conveyor) method of vaccine delivery (see www.HOPE-CARE.org - deer section), which in combination can easily replace and displace the lethal methods in urban and small forest preserve settings. For this very reason, immuno-contraception is by-and-large discredited and not permitted by the hunter-dominated governments in the vast majority of states.

9. The reason for the government’s pro-hunting policy as a rule is that most of the wildlife-oriented decision-makers in government are themselves hunters and their cronies. This is an artificial situation, dictated by laws and rules and regulations created by hunters, for hunters. Things cannot be more glaring than in such examples as the NJ Fish and Game Council filling itself with hunters by means of the archaic Title 13 which requires that at least 6 of the 11 voting members must be “sportsmen”.

10. The hunters, hunter groups, imposter groups and the hunting industry are immensely rich and powerful (partly due to the misdirected donations from the deceived public) that most politicians, from the president on down, have become their puppets.

All in all, the prevailing situation in most states is that less than 6 percent of their populations hunt, in some states much less.  In New Jersey, for example, only 0.8% of the population hunts.  But hunters and pro-hunters have the inside track in most if not all political decisions where wildlife management is concerned, and in some states, this is firmly entrenched in the state constitution itself.  The small minority calls the shots. In this context, American democracy is a joke.

Finally, a word of caution about anti-hunting organizations.  Some are only partial or conditional on this score, exempting certain classes of hunters and certain types of hunting.   Further, the same or others may have enormous overhead, some to the tune of over 50%, meaning that less than 50 cents per donation dollar go to the animals, and the rest to salary, real estate, investment, and, not least of all, fund-raising.  A certain leading organization has an annual fund-raising budget of $6 million.  Again, before donating, ask!

Anthony Marr has been a dedicated wildlife preservationist for over a dozen years.  Since 1995, he has cleansed all major North American Chinatowns of endangered species products, led three deep-rural-India expeditions (earning him the title of the “Champion of the Bengal Tiger” in the Champions of the Wild TV series aired on Discovery Channel in 20 countries), conducted two operations in Japan for the whales and dolphins, and spearheaded high-profile campaigns in Canada for the bears and the seals.

He is the founder of Heal Our Planet Earth (www.HOPE-CARE.org) and is currently on his 5th Compassion for Animals Road Expedition (CARE-5), covering over 30 states in 5 months, for the deer. He has been a prominent speaker in the Animal Rights National Conference (www.ARConference.org) since 2004, giving 11 speeches including 2 planaries at AR2007.  He is the author of the ground-breaking Omni-Science and the Human Destiny (www.HOPE_CARE.org).

Anthony Marr, founder
Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) 
Deer Options Enterprise (DOE)

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