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George And Joy Sarris Need Your Help

A beautiful bird rehabilitation center and bird sanctuary is under attack by the Town of Clifton Park, NY. The Town is trying to force George Sarris, a wildlife rehabilitator, to stop his operation. Unfortunately for this Town it is near Scotia where a strong group of animal and nature protectors formed Save the Geese to protect the Canada geese last spring and summer, and WON. After many weeks of hazing Canada geese from the area where they were to be killed, they finally succeeded in driving the geese away. That was enough to show their mettle. Several members formed a chapter of the League of Humane Voters, LOHV-Capital Region.

Once formed, they won political promises that only non-lethal methods of goose dissuasion would be used in the future. Save the Geese members are the same stalwart animal protectors who have come in to support their beloved rehabilitator and sanctuary. For to mess with George is to mess with the waterfowl.

Joyce wrote: “Two thirds of our property is wetlands that we feel developers would like to get their hands on. We have been subjected to slander, character assassination, cronyism, and lack of ethical conduct by politicians because George has taken a stand on issues of overdevelopment in this town. It’s not really a matter of our ducks and geese. These tactics shock the conscience….If the swans are destroyed my heart will be forever broken…not just for the swans but for how far out of whack things have gotten.”

To learn more and to offer help, please e-mail Joy Sarris at [email protected]

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