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What We've Been Up To - Part 2

By Joe Miele

In November 2007 New Mexico Game and Fish Director Bruce Thompson did a very stupid thing – he shot a deer on a ranch west of Roswell. Shooting deer on a ranch in New Mexico is generally not something that would raise an eyebrow in this state. But the way Thompson did it, and the furor that was raised following the shooting cost him his job.

Though he believed that he was on public property overseen by the Bureau of Land Management, Thompson was actually on private property operated as the Diamond T Ranch. Additionally, he was hunting without permission from the landowner. In the state of New Mexico and throughout the country it is illegal to hunt on private property without first securing permission. Did Thompson simply make an absent minded mistake, or was he exercising extreme arrogance because he believed himself to be above the law due to the position he held? Whatever the reason, the facts remain that he hunted illegally on private property.

Upon learning of the above story, C.A.S.H. sprang into action. C.A.S.H. contacted New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and each member of the New Mexico State Game Commission, and demanded that Bruce Thompson be terminated from his position as the state’s head wildlife killer. It is not often that C.A.S.H. is on the same side of an issue as a board that is in charge of setting hunting seasons, but sometimes when wildlife laws are breached, strange temporary alliances can be made.

Then on November 5, two days after C.A.S.H. had a letter published in the Las Cruces Sun News (the newspaper serving New Mexico’s second-largest city), Game and Fish director, Bruce Thompson, resigned his position in disgrace. Governor Richardson quickly moved to appoint a new Game and Fish director, and Thompson’s last day on the job was November 14.

Our next effort has to be directed against Gov. Bill Richardson’s hunting. As previously reported Gov. Bill Richardson is an avid hunter of big & exotic game.

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