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The annual Animal Rights Conference will be held in Washington, DC from Thursday August 14th through Monday August 18th.


These conferences, hosted by F.A.R.M., are the oldest and most inclusive of all Animal Rights conferences. At these conferences you will hear a variety of views from over 90 experienced and knowledgeable AR speakers and advocates. It is the perfect venue for networking, meeting new friends and renewing old acquaintanceships.


This year, several of C.A.S.H.’s and Wildlife Watch’s perennial issues will get a well-deserved hearing at the conference:


In several past issues of the C.A.S.H. Courier, we have been telling you about the heroic efforts of Jan Haagensen, a land-owner and an attorney in Pennsylvania.  Jan was charged with six counts of hunter harassment after she told a hunting party that was approaching her on her land not to trespass.


Rather than accept a plea-bargain, which would have resulted in a nominal fee, Jan decided to fight the charges in court.  As expected, she lost in the local trial court.


Jan won in appellate court when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania failed to even file a response to her appeal and, in fact, withdrew from the case and just walked away without even attempting to justify the trial court’s decision.


Jan’s victory in appellate court is cited as case law in “Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes and Consolidated Statutes Annotated.”  Purdon’s is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania authority for case law citations. 34.PA.C.S.A. §2302 and 29a Pa D 2d-63 Key No.9 refer to Jan’s case and her decisive victory over the bogus trial court decision. Any future similar hunter harassment cases will have a much easier time getting dismissed because of the case-law established by Jan Haagensen’s action.  Jan urges everyone to file complaints against trespassing hunters early and often.


Jan is currently in the process of seeking funding to bring her civil case against local law enforcement forward.


Jan will be one of the featured presenters at the conference.


Peter Muller will also speak on:
1. Enacting Protective Laws (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators)
2. Effective Wildlife Campaigns and Tactics
3. Abuse of Wildlife with government sanction
4. Dealing with human-animal conflicts
5. Lobby Training


Please record the date.  We look forward to seeing you at AR 2008!

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