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Summer-Fall 2012 Issue
Letter From the President

What makes me certain that hunting is headed toward extinction is the mail we receive from the public, and not those who are necessarily members or supporters. In Ask Uncle Joe of this issue of the C.A.S.H. Courier, you’ll find a letter written by a parent who wants to know how to teach his son respect for wildlife. We trust you will find our response of value.

Our supporters in the eastern states may not know about the brutal killing of prairie dogs. Prairie dogs have a beneficial effect on the environment, but hunters and ranchers who have never met a species of wildlife they haven’t wanted to destroy are killing them in the most horrible ways imaginable. We’ve written a piece on these terribly maligned animals which will motivate you to take the suggested actions to help stop the barbarity.

Through our popular Facebook page we have been able to connect with people from around the world and educate and motivate them. Through one appeal on our page, we were able to speak to wildlife rehabilitators who were kind enough to be interviewed. We’ve published their thoughts in the Courier as a way to inform our readers about what wildlife rehabilitators do and the challenges they face.

Here are just some of our new and ongoing efforts since our last publication….

• Maintaining the highly active C.A.S.H. Facebook page. Our page has been a way to connect with thousands of people from around the country and world to deliver our message of abolishing hunting.

• Continuing our series on how Trap/Neuter/Return for feral cats can lessen their impact on domestic wildlife.

• Tabling and collecting signatures against S.2066, the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act and delivering the petitions to members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; and New Mexico Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall.

• Presented and exhibited at AR2012, the nation’s largest animal rights conference, in Washington, D.C.

• Maintaining the huge database of hunting accidents and violations.

• Contributed to a petition written by Wild Earth Guardians of Santa Fe, NM seeking to ban prairie dog shooting in El Malpais National Monument. Wild Earth Guardians is in the forefront of prairie dog protection and C.A.S.H. is proud to be a part of their effort.

• Met with Westchester (NY) Parks Commissioner with coalition to end the killing of Canada geese.

• Researching and providing material for other activists and organizations in California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Texas.

• Providing material for journalists directly and via the website and Facebook.

• C.A.S.H.’S Joe Miele had an impromptu discussion about sport fishing at the local food co-op, which turned into an invitation for C.A.S.H. to speak about the subject on an upcoming local radio show.

And more!

As hunting season approaches we’ll be inundated with phone calls, e-mails, and personal accounts of wounded animals, trespassing and intimidating hunters, and the horror of hearing gunfire, both legal and illegal, throughout all hours of the day and night. C.A.S.H. is here to help when and as we can, and to the animals and the people we help, that means everything.

Please support our work so we can continue to be there for them. Your generous contributions will help us do more.

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