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Joe's Journal 5/30/13

Traveling is a pleasure for some, a chore for others, and a necessary part of the job for many people. For me, hopping on a plane allows me to talk about C.A.S.H. all over the country to pretty much anyone I run into. As you can imagine, I'm a bit of an evangelist for wildlife protection and when engaged in casual conversation with strangers I will find a way to bring up the topic. I am certain the guy with the "Cabela's" camo cap sitting next to me on my flight to the Burbank, CA airport didn't expect what I had to say when he politely asked "So what is it that you do?"

"I work for wildlife protection," I said - wanting to draw him deeper into the conversation than I could have had I replied with something like "I fight against hunting day and night."

He smiled. "I volunteer at California Fish and Game," he said. "I assist one of the biologists with harvest data."

"Harvest data? You mean the number of animals hunters killed?"

"Harvest," he tried to correct me. "It's an important part of wildlife management. Without knowing the data that comes from the harvest, Fish and Game would not be able to manage wildlife populations and the herd would cause problems for themselves and people too."

I asked him if wounding rates were compiled in the "harvest" data that he collected.

Elmer Fudd eyed me with a puzzled look. "Wounding rates? We don't keep track of them, but it's not that important. Since the animal was not harvested it would not have an effect on what the biologist needs to know."

"So you don't know how many animals are killed and not retrieved? Shouldn't hunters need to report this?"

"No - we do not. There's really no need for them to report it since those numbers would not be a part of the harvest data."

"Did you know that bow hunting has a wounding rate of over 50% and that most of the animals suffer and die from infection?"

"So you're an anti." Elmer said. And with that, he turned to his magazine.

"You don't want to talk any more about what you do? I'm interested in learning," I asked.

"No you're not - you'll probably put our conversation on a website to fuel the other anti's."

It didn't go on the website, but it went into the Courier!

It's important to make it known where you stand on hunting and the exploitation and destruction of wildlife. Simple conversations can change minds and hearts, and while it is unlikely that Mr. Fudd will change, you never know when you will engage someone in conversation who genuinely wants to learn and even do something to help.

The spring and, so far, the summer has been a busy time for C.A.S.H. We've tabled at Las Cruces Earth Day and we've brought our wildlife-friendly program on Trap/Neuter/Return programs for feral cats to the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. We've taught people how to help reduce the impact feral cats have on the local wildlife population and how "TNR" helps the cats themselves. At the time of writing this article, we are preparing for what will likely be our most popular tabling of the year at Southern New Mexico Pride. At the end of June C.A.S.H. gave a presentation on small game hunting and hunting contests at the Symposium for Animal Liberation in Tempe, AZ. Joe Miele was a guest speaker.

Our office in New Paltz is just as busy as you can see below.

We know how you feel about wildlife because we feel just as you do. We're busy, because of your support and your desire to help us continue the work that needs to be done. When you support C.A.S.H. you support our uncompromising and unyielding stand on wildlife and how nature should be respected.

Please support our work with your generous contribution. Consider becoming a sustainer by sending a monthly contribution. It is only because of you and your support that we can continue our very unique work.

For wildlife everywhere, 

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