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Summer 2013 Issue
Rural Iowa Landowners Need a “Written-Permission” Law

Merle Wilson reports from Iowa that there must be a law requiring written permission by a landowner for hunters to hunt or trap. Further, spotlighting of deer should be a crime in and of itself, rather than considered "recreational spotlighting." He is urging the Iowa legislature to put more law enforcement on duty. Right now there is only ONE officer in a 5-county area!!! In March of this year, Merle wrote:

To Senator Schoenjahn:

In 1998, Senator Kitty Rehberg introduced Senate File 2027 requiring written permission by a landowner for individuals engaged in hunting, trapping, etc. The chairman of the Senate Natural Resources Committee would not give it any consideration.

Poachers and trespassers statewide are using spotlights because Iowa has the most asinine spotlight law in the country. Hunters have coined the phrase "recreational spotlighting'. This means if they are stopped while using a light, but have no weapon in their vehicle, the DNR cannot cite them, and all the time the DNR has spent trying to catch them and make a case has been wasted. In the fall, weather permitting, game wardens work together with a State Patrol pilot in northeast Iowa to try and stop the poaching by spotlight. These people spend hundred of hours and thousands of dollars each fall and are worn out by the time serious deer hunting begins. The spotlight law needs to be changed.

Rural Iowa landowners need the Written-Permission law. We need more DNR law enforcement officers on duty during the shotgun and black-powder seasons. During those seasons, quite often, there is no DNR officer on duty in this area. I called in a report of illegal deer hunters in December and could only reach an officer who, at the time, was in another county. He told me he was the only warden out in a five-county area. The law-breaking hunters know there is no one out there to catch them, so it goes on year after year.

I would like you and Rep. Bearinger to consider bringing this written permission law before your respective Natural Resource committees in the fall.

Thank you.

If you are in Iowa, please support Merle's efforts. You can contact Merle through C.A.S.H.

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