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The man who had hundreds of Canada geese killed in Clarkstown, NY has been traveling around NY and NJ to encourage towns to use him as a model. If they did, of course, they'd look as terrible and foolish as he did, but that's not stopping him; we all know that misery loves company. To get other supervisors to buy into his killing scheme, Holbrook took his dog and pony show on the road (his expression for our non-lethal presentations) and trotted down to NYC with the regional director of Wildlife Services (notorious killers of the nation's wildlife). They were off to convince supervisors who were attending a conference of NYS Town Supervisors to kill geese. As Wildlife Services gave their presentation, Holbrook sat in the back yelling out "kill 'em".

Wildlife Watch and the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese showed up at the Town meeting and presented the supervisors with our non-lethal program, along with a handout that portrayed Holbrook as the mean-spirited fool he is. Killing doesn't work, humane methods do, it's that simple. Holbrook had no takers.


Monroe, which is a town that has expressed having problems with Canada geese, is excited about plastic "dead" Canada geese being placed around the parks to frighten the real geese into leaving. Apparently it has had great success in Ontario and in Ohio. The supervisor is so afraid that he'll catch heck from animal rights folks that he's concerned about leaving plastic models of dead geese on the grass, thinking that people will think they're real. His is putting them on the pond instead. That would make us feel better? Oh, well, I don't know about you, but I have little objection to killed plastic. Let's wish them well. If it fails, we know of many other non-lethal techniques, and if it works, please let us know. In Bogota, NJ, they are using decoy foxes and coyotes, which they say are working beautifully to keep the geese away. The company that sells them is A-1.

For more information about Canada Geese contact Dr. Gregg Feigelson, Chair, Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese ( a division of Wildlife Watch, Inc.) .  Please get on-line to sign a petition keeping the USFWS from eliminating restrictions on the killing of Canada Geese. If you do not have a computer, please contact the Coalition at: Coalition to Protect Canada Geese (TM) PO Box 917, Pearl River, NY 10965-0917; 914 425-7116 Voice; 914 426-1525 FAX

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