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published 3/9/04


Dear Citizens Voice

In "Pennsylvania hunters are the best way to control deer population" (2/26/04), Joe Mattie admits that hunters "stocked deer in the state at the turn of the century."

Hunting, itself, increases deer numbers. After a hunt, deer numbers rebound to higher than they were previously, as there are now fewer deer competing for resources. Does reproduce at a younger age; carry embryos to term (instead of absorbing them, as non-hunted deer do when their numbers exceed available food), and give birth to twins and triplets.

In addition to using stocking and hunting to create more live targets for hunters, game agencies manipulate the environment to favor game species, to the detriment of native non-game species and native plant life.

After intentionally creating this overpopulation, hunters and their government sugar daddies demonize the deer. They blame deer for:

1. deer/car collisions, though auto insurance statistics demonstrate that most collisions occur during hunting season, as terrified animals flee onto roads.

2. Lyme Disease, though public health agencies confirm that hunting does not decrease the incidence of Lyme disease, and may increase it.

3. deer starvation, though hunting causes deer to run off needed fat reserves, and wounded deer cannot eat.

The predictable next step is to tell the public that hunting is the only way to lower the population.

Mattie says that the deer have no natural predators. While wildlife biologists know that predator numbers are dependent on prey numbers and not vice versa (prey numbers are dependant on available resources), the fact remains that the lack of predators is due to hunters.

Mattie calls hunters "the foremost conservationists in the state." The only thing they conserve is hunting. Funds from Pittman-Robertson (which are dependant on the number of hunting and fishing licenses sold) and matching funds from the General Fund (comprised mostly of tax dollars) go entirely to creating more recreational opportunities for hunters.

Hunters routinely wound and kill themselves, other hunters, innocent members of the public (who have the audacity to be in their homes, yards, or cars, while hunters are recreating), and non-target animals (including endangered species and companion animals, shot intentionally or by mistake).

Go to www.all-creatures.org/cash to learn more about destructive wildlife management practices.

Susan Gordon, Representative
The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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