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Dear Patriot News:

Your editorial, "Right to Hunt?" (2/18/04), is correct in declaring that the proposed constitutional amendment to protect the right to hunt and fish is not needed.

Humans descend into the depths of depravity, in seemingly infinite ways, in their pursuit of happiness and profit. Invariably, they expect the government to protect them, not their victims. The government frequently complies.

Hunting is on the decline, due to many reasons: fewer people living in rural areas; an abundance of other activities for children; and most importantly, the inevitable raising of human consciousness toward animals. Those who profit from hunting/fishing and those unable to find creative, rather than destructive, hobbies are in a panic.

Incremental progress toward justice is followed by repressive measures designed to maintain the unjust status quo. Animal abusers feel that since moral constraints do not apply to them, legal ones should not, either. What better course, for this tiny percentage (about 7%) of Pennsylvanians who hunt, than to perversely force the law to protect what should, in fact, be banned?

In the 19th Century, President Buchanan attempted to stop the abolitionist momentum with a constitutional amendment legalizing slavery. Illinois tried to do the same with a state amendment. Unhappily for the slavers, these amendments failed, while the Thirteenth Amendment, which banned slavery in the United States, became law.

Our laws should move ethically forward, though the less evolved few try to drag us back into the Dark Ages.

What is needed is a federal constitutional amendment to protect animals and humans from recreational, serial animal killers. Humans have the right to live free of gunfire in our communities; to be safe inside or outside our homes and cars from being shot; to not have to witness bloody snow and wounded, suffering, or dead animals in our neighborhoods; to not have to post OUR own property against animal killers; and to not be afraid that our children's schoolmates are hunters who lack compassion, but possess weapons.

Animals have the right to live free of the rapacity of humans.

Go to www.all-creatures.org/cash to learn more about why hunting should be banned.

Susan Gordon, Representative
The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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