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The hysteria over deer populations in certain areas is a product of negative thinking. Folks, can we calm down and turn things around a bit? Deer can be an asset!  People are spending billions nationally on watchable wildlife programs!  You can't imagine how many people actually love deer and other wildlife - alive.

The Lloyd Harbor deer have the potential to bring millions to the community! The hotel and B&B business would boom in the area, so would the local stores and restaurants. Tree stands could actually be set up for viewing, blinds could be set up for photography, the same clothing that hunters now buy could be marketed to the watchable wildlife clientele.

The truth is that wildlife management and hunting cause deer populations to increase. To deny the connection between wildlife management and the weapons industry is like denying that the earth is round.

In 1936 the Pittman-Robertson (P-R) Act put an excise tax on firearms and ammunition that could only be used for wildlife management. States have to compete with each other for the money by selling the most hunting licenses. The formula is that the states that sell the highest percentage of licenses in relation to their total population get the greatest share of the P-R tax. Is it any wonder that certain species have been converted into living targets?

If there are 63,000 Car-Deer collisions (CDC) then we and insurance companies should start suing the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for intentionally overpopulating deer for hunters.

Insurance company reports show a spike in CDC on the days that hunting starts. Clearly, the rut is not the primary cause of CDC.

We can only reduce the deer population by changing our management policies that increase game species for hunting at the expense of the public, environment, and non-game species. Instead we should create alternate forms of revenue for the game agencies through watchable wildlife programs. To that end, we would love to talk to other individuals and groups who would like to make that happen.

Meanwhile, Lloyd Harbor officials should be cited for destroying a valuable community asset. They actually stole from the community, while placing residents at risk of serious injury or death. The potential effect of bullets flying around at night in a populated park makes the potential effect of deer look like the sniffles.

It should be noted that the black-legged tick is not infectious in its adult stage on the large host animal. Lloyd Harbor should consider enlightening the elected officials the next time they vote - if they don't do so prior to that in the courts.

Anne Muller

Wildlife Watch, Inc.

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