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Mr. Clune is a hunter who supports hunting. Anne Muller is not a hunter and envisions a wildlife management agency and policies that are not supported by the firearms industry. That Mr. Clune kills animals because he says he likes to eat meat is like a robber justifying robbing a bank because he likes to be rich. That Mr. Clune hunts because he likes meat is as irrelevant to me as it is to the game agencies, for they don't manage for subsistence hunting, they manage for sport hunting - the enjoyment of killing wild animals.

I disagree with several of Mr. Clune's statements. He said that the game agencies are "above-board" in their connection to the firearms industry. They are anything but that. They have euphemisms for everything related to killing. They say "sporting goods" for firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows; they say "taking" for "killing." Those are just two terms that they use to cover and soften the fact that they are inextricably linked to weapons and the killing of wildlife. In fact, the DEC's role in wildlife killing is so little known by the public that people often call the DEC to report hunting!

Land should be preserved - yes, but not for the sake of growing "game" and hunting. We need to look at how we interact with the rest of nature. People who enjoy wildlife non-consumptively far outweigh the consumptive (ab)users. During the long hunting seasons, non-consumptive enjoyers of nature often stay out of lovely areas because of the hunting risks. Take a look at our webpage on "Hunting Accidents" if you would like to see the danger that hunting poses to the human population and to homes in the vicinity of hunting. We've had calls from people who express a desire to come upstate from New York City but are concerned about seeing the dead bodies on top of cars. In fact, this arrogant display of death is so disturbing to the public that the DEC asks hunters to hide dead deer and bears by putting them into body bags or inside vehicles.

A letter that recently came to us was from a Christian cleric in Missouri. He wrote, "Another big problem is the hunters who are drinking and intoxicated while hunting... Hunters set fire to the woods by our home (two times last year)." He refers to his area as a "war zone and a terrorist zone," describing ricocheting bullets around his house. He said, "Many a time wounded deer half alive come stumbling through by our home. It is an abomination and sin before Almighty God that people are allowed to be so cruel and barbaric."

I beg to differ with you, Mr. Clune, but wildlife protection groups do indeed try to protect wildlife by purchasing land. HSUS has thousands of acres of land. On the website of HSUS, they state: "The Wildlife Land Trust currently protects more than 84 properties on more than 72,000 acres in 23 states and four foreign countries (Romania, Belize, South Africa and Canada). Landowners can arrange to have The Wildlife Land Trust permanently protect their properties, and they may thereafter be eligible for income and property tax savings by selecting any one of several conservation options." Additionally, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of rehabilitation centers and refuges that individuals and small groups in the animal-protection movement have bought to support wildlife and try to keep them safe from aggressive hunters who break in and sadly kill the wildlife.

We, in fact, have 66 acres of land upstate New York which we patrol on the first day and first weekend of hunting, and which will hopefully become a Watchable Wildlife site within a couple of years.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express all of the wonderful plans that we have to develop and to further educate the readers about the need for wildlife management change, and the need to see the end of the cruel non-sense of hunting and trapping. I appreciate it.

You are right about one thing: Wildlife Watch and one of its divisions, C.A.S.H., are not big. We number several thousand across the country, but we are ever mindful of what Margaret Mead so eloquently stated: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Anne Muller

Wildlife Watch, New Paltz

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