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Wisconsin Hunting Season

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To The Editor:

Once again we hear the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources claiming that hunting is needed to help to keep the deer population under control, but what game managers do not mention is that the overpopulation of wildlife is a consequence of deliberate action taken to ensure a constant supply of animals for hunters to kill.

Former Pennsylvania Game Commission biologist Gary Alt disclosed that the Commission "is serving the hunters. And they're paid for by the hunters. And they feel their constituents are the hunters and little else." (Scientists say deer hunting must increase, Philadelphia Enquirer 1/12/05) Tragically, what Mr. Alt says also applies to the Wisconsin DNR. The DNR manipulates wildlife population densities to produce overpopulation, which it then profits from by selling hunting licenses.

Promoting “wildlife watching” opportunities over hunting programs is an investment in the future. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, in 2006 there were over 71 million Americans who observed, fed, and photographed wildlife in their natural habitat, compared to only 12.5 million hunters.

Let’s replace the taxes on weapons, ammunition and hunting equipment with similar taxes on outdoor-related equipment such as binoculars, backpacks, and cameras used by wildlife watchers. Funds collected can be dedicated toward the protection and preservation of wildlife and the areas where they live, making the need to depend on hunting, weapons and violence obsolete. To protect wildlife and the areas where they live please visit www.wildwatch.org

Joe Miele,
Vice President Wildlife Watch, Inc.
P.O. Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561



Bow Deer Hunting Kicks off in Wisconsin

Hunters all around Wisconsin put on their camo and head into the woods for the start of the bow hunting season. Deer bow hunting season officially opened Saturday in Wisconsin.

DNR officials say hunters help to keep the deer population under control. Too many deer can mean more damage to wildlife habitat, and crops.

According to the DNR, the number of archery licenses purchased is up, and there should be plenty of deer to hunt. "We're looking at pretty good deer numbers in the area. We do have some earn-a-buck units and also some herd control units. We don't have any non-regular units. So all of our units are above-goal. So there should be plenty of deer out there for folks," says Ron Lichtie, Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Biologist.

The DNR says to remember safety first. Make sure all your equipment is working right, and of course enjoy the hunt.

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