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Bush Administration Destroying the Endangered Species Act

Mr. Steven A. Williams, Director
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
1849 C St., NW.
Washington, DC 20240

January 26, 2004

Dear Mr. Williams:

Wildlife Watch, Inc. is an animal protection organization that seeks to educate the public about the mismanagement of wildlife by state and federal wildlife agencies, and the destruction of wildlife and ecosystems in the name of sport hunting and game management.

It is no surprise that the anti-environmental extremists in the Bush administration are trying to exploit and possibly extinguish many endangered species by weakening the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The arrogance of the wildlife haters in the Bush administration is shocking and almost impossible to comprehend.

Allowing American hunters, circuses and others to decimate endangered wildlife populations is not the way to stimulate protections of wildlife.

We are sure that killing and enslaving endangered species would please the animal-use extremists who have backed President Bush since the inception of his political career, and will not in any way benefit the wildlife who are knocking on extinction's door.

President Bush seeks to strip the modest protections of the already inadequate ESA, which was established thirty years ago by President Nixon, so that the most abominable animal exploiters in this country will benefit by his moves.

Regarding the President's environmental policies, Senator James M. Jeffords of Vermont, formerly the chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, said that "Across the board, we would be better off doing nothing than doing what the Bush administration wants to do, which will make things worse than they already are."

It is high time that the President stops pandering to the game agencies and his big game hunting colleagues by allowing them to kill anything that moves. Things are grave for endangered species now and this most recent shock and awe campaign against them will only make things worse.


Joe Miele

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