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Harassment by Hunters Documented:
Emotional Stress, Physical Injury, and Property Damage Inflicted Upon Innocent People by Those Who Hunt, Fish, and Trap

Hunting and Terrorism

To Group;

As I sit writing this email I am having to listen to gun shot after gun shot from the woods surrounding my home and property. Both I and my wife bought some acreage (woods) in central Missouri 8 years ago. I must say due to hunters and all the shooting we are sorry we ever stayed in the state of Missouri.

We even were threatened at gun point by a convicted felon who came on our property after shooting a deer. We warned him not to and he pointed the gun at my wife and came and got the dear. He was only charged with trespassing and he paid the fine with a rubber check. Later he actually shot at my wife. We found out he was not suppose to even have possession of a firearm but Missouri and even the ATF did nothing. He is able to purchase a Missouri Deer hunting license and hunt!

This is not the worst of it to say the least as we have witnessed many an illegal poaching and our reports go ignored. We have had to post our property with signs and purple paint and still they trespass with guns in there hands. We have bullet holes in trees right near our house. And although there are laws all of them go un-enforced by Missouri, we even are told that "this is the country what do you expect?"

More than once we literally listened as bullets ricochet from tree to tree. Every year it turns into a war zone and terrorist zone with no control or law enforcement in sight. Plus the fact of having to witness these barbarians and savages kill and wound innocent animals. Many a time wounded deer half alive come stumbling through by our home. It is an abomination and a sin before Almighty God that people are allowed to be so cruel and barbaric.

Hunting needs to be outlawed in the U.S. and this terrorism and senseless killing stopped. I don't think much of a person who takes the life of an innocent animal so lightly and cruelly. Some of these should sit down and read the Scriptures concerning the humane treatment of animals and their worth to the Lord.


Rev. C (name withheld by request)


Reply from Anne Muller
Dear Rev. C,

I'm so sorry that I have just picked this up. It seems that we get so much hate mail that I don't often bother to check. However, I am thrilled to receive this. We would like to publish it on our website and possibly in our next issue of the Courier. Would that be all right. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize your situation.


Anne Muller


Reply from Rev. C. - 3 Dec 2004

Dear Anne;

Thank you for replying. Yes you surely may publish it, but may I ask if you can to keep my name anonymous or Just Rev. C..

Since I wrote you this email (above) we have had to endure yet another hunting season (deer). We are more than aware the deer are in serious trouble in our area just by the fact that only after 8 years we see very few deer if any in our woods except the few who are fleeing from hunters who use tactics like taking 4 to 6 men and standing in a line (Civil War Battlefield Style) and all shooting at the same time. They did this only 800 feet from our house in the woods 2 weeks ago and bullets where ricocheting everywhere. Another big problem in Missouri is the hunters who are drinking and intoxicated while hunting. We have even had hunters set fire to the woods by our home (2 times last year). I have stopped reporting these crimes to the authorities simply because they do nothing with the reports.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions, if I am not here please leave a message and I will get back to you.


Rev. C

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