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IN - Report Submission by Diana Cook

IN - Published headline reads " North Vernon Officials rule hunting death accidental" -- 12-10-2005 (Jennings County, Indiana)

Published story: " Investigators say the shooting death of a Columbus, Indiana hunter was accidental. Ronald Michael thought he was shooting a deer on Nov. 27, 2005, but instead shot and killed his friend, Gregory Saylor, 41. The men were hunting near the Decatur- Jennings county line about 50 miles south of Indianapolis.

Michael failed to properly identify his target, and Saylor's hunter's orange hat was in his pocket, said conservation officer Bill Beville, who investigated the shooting."

Published in the Post-Tribune newspaper on Page A9, Saturday, December 10, 2005.

Diana Cook's editorial comment:

I do not like to call any hunting related death or injury an "accident." It is my personal opinion it is NO accident. It is intentional foul play. It is a set-up suicide mission.

In nearly all hunting deaths, some man knowingly and intentionally violates the rules of safety of his supposed sport. They are either drunk or on drugs, they hide their required hunter's orange, they hunt outside of the legal and safe hours of hunting times, they hunt too early or too late when it is dark and overcast and the list can go on with an assortment of other violations of the rules of their sport. Lots of times it is old men who perform the killing of humans - any other sport they would be laughed at for continuing to try to do something out of their league of a young man's venue - i.e. look at Dick Cheney and company.

Men cheat at all sports. Hunting is no different. For such a low incidence of participation, there's a high degree of deaths that occur.

Since men choose to not behave, it is time that hunters financially pay for on-site referees just like any six year-old girl has to pay for her referee on the soccer field. If a six year-old girl killed another soccer player one-time, they'd shut this sport down nationwide. I feel confident that hunting is more dangerous, percentage of participants to accidents , than football, competitive cheerleading, professional basketball or rugby. Hunting likely has more traumatic injury, percentage wise, than all other sports combined.
It should be re-named Hunting Murder. They have lined up everything perfectly to murder some unknown suspect.

Some might say most hunters are good and follow the rules, it is the few who the break rules that make all hunters look bad. I do not believe that, especially with suburban hunting. Most hunters break rules and are simply lucky they haven't killed or harmed anyone yet and/or killed themselves. Ask them, have they ever drank alcohol within 24 hours prior to hunting - it will be a resounding YES. Most hunters behavior does not match the seriousness of the sport. Anyone who drinks around the time it is time to get serious about a sport, gets benched by the coach. Hunters have no coaches, so they cheat, lie and get killed. And there's a lot, a lot who do in the state of Indiana. Indiana has a legion of particularly poor and inept conservation officers employed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. It is basically a welfare-to-work program by those who can't secure a job by any other agency which requires a minimal or dismal level of competence, common-sense and intelligence. To re-phrase that shortly - Indiana Department of Natural Resources conservation officers are as dumb as tree stumps. And the Indiana DNR upper-level management is no smarter.

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