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JBS Tolleson, Inc

Address: 651 South 91st Ave., Tolleson, AZ 85353
Establishment No.: 00267 M or M267

USDA Inspection Report: 31 October 2011

Code: 06D02
Violation: 416.13(c)

Citation: The establishment is required to have an adequate system for the identification of animals passed for slaughter (9 CFR 307.2). This system should include a document to indicate that a group/lot of animals have received ante-mortem (AM) inspection. As described in FSIS Notice 52-09 (dated 8/5/09) this document should include the date of inspection, pen/lot number, class of livestock, time AM inspection was performed and the inspectors signature. Establishment 267 has chosen a "drive card" based record system to meet this requirement. These “drive cards” are completed and signed by the ante-mortem inspector after they have examined a group of animals and approved them for slaughter and then company is to present the cards to the inspectors at the head chain prior to post-mortem (PM) inspection of the lot/group of animals to verify that the animals had AM inspection. At 1030 hrs the inspector at the head chain stopped the line because the drive cards had not yet been presented to the head chain inspectors. Then it was also observed on the "run sheet" (A list of animals in the order that they are presented for inspection) that Lot number 116 initially identified and processed as “Cows" were in fact "Steers". Also it was noted that the information on the "drive cards" did not accurately represent the information on the "run sheet" making it impossible for the inspector verify the information concerning the animals presented for inspection. In each of the instances above there was sufficient confusion in the presentation of animals for PM to bring into question the adequacy of the system being used to support that the animals being presented for PM were properly identified as required by 9 CFR 307.2. ), Mr. and Mr ) were informed of these findings and all three of them were involved in obtaining the required correct information. A review of the Non-Compliance records for the past 90 days revealed no similar occurances.


416.13(c) Implementation of SOP's: Each official establishment shall monitor daily the implementation of the procedures in the Sanitation SOP’s.


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