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JBS Tolleson, Inc.

Address: 651 South 91st Ave., Tolleson, AZ 85353
Establishment No.: 00267 M or M267

USDA Inspection Report: 29 March 2012

Code: 06D02
Violation: 310.3

Citation: At 9:20 AM while performing disposition duties at the trim station I observed a carcass retained by USDA inspection staff with MPD tag number 61151526. While reviewing the viscera and associated internal organs presented on the disposition table it became clear that there was a large liver abscess with adhesions to the kidney and lateral left body wall. I proceeded to inspect the carcass for presence of septicemia or other associated food safety issues. During my inspection of the carcass, I observed that the skirts had been removed in total from the left and the right sides as well as all the pelvic glands, lymph nodes and associated connective tissue. The non involved kidney was present but the plural lining as well as the fat and adrenal gland with that kidney was removed. As stated in 9CFR310.3 Retained carcasses shall not be washed or trimmed unless authorized by a USDA Program employee. was notified of the non compliance and that an NR would be issued based on 9CFR 310.3. After a review of the NRs written during the previous 90 days there were no similar NRs written with the same root cause.


310.3 Carcasses and parts in certain instances to be retained. Each carcass, including all detached organs and other parts, in which any lesion or other condition is found that might render the meat or any part unfit for food purposes, or otherwise adulterated, and which for that reason would require a subsequent inspection, shall be retained by the Program employee at the time of inspection. The identity of every such retained carcass, detached organ, or other part shall be maintained until the final inspection has been completed. Retained carcasses shall not be washed or trimmed unless authorized by the Program employee.


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