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JBS Tolleson, Inc.

Address: 651 South 91st Ave., Tolleson, AZ 85353
Establishment No.: 00267 M or M267

USDA Inspection Report: 18 June 2012

Code:  01C02
Violation:  416.4(c)

Citation: At approximately 1430hrs the following Non-Compliance was identified;A one gallon container of chemical was observed being poured into a gray barrel and being mixed with water, the clip dispenser was emerged in this solution. At this time I read the label on the container of chemical, then proceeded to ther Saftey Office to review MSDS sheet for ther product..After A review of the MSDS log book it revealed that no MSDS sheet was entered identifying this as a declared chemical on site and in use at this establishment. At this time was notified that a Non-Compliance will be issued for the missing documentation substantiating the safety of this chemical's use in a food processing environment.A review of the previuos Non-Compliances written in the last 90 days indicates that no similiar Non- Compliances of the same root cause have occurred.


416.4(c)  Cleaning compounds, sanitizing agents, processing aids, and other chemicals used by an establishment must be safe and effective under the conditions of use. Such chemicals must be used, handled, and stored in a manner that will not adulterate product or create insanitary conditions. Documentation substantiating the safety of a chemical’s use in a food processing environment must be available to FSIS inspection program employees for review.

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