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Montgomery Meadows Residential Health Care Facility
2002 Feasibility Study:


(A review of the procedures that are effective and donít need changing, and the things that can be improved or added.)


(A review of the existing services that are effective, those that need to be enhanced, and those that could be added.)

Physical Plant:

(A review of the existing physical plant and the repairs, improvements, renovations, additions, and/or replacements that may be required.)

Financial Analysis:

(A comparison of cost trends over the years, with an effort toward finding ways to lower costs and improve income to overcome the loss of funding, and maintain a "profitable" status.)

Market Analysis:

(A review of existing and potential residents who could help improve the case mix index, and the feasibility of adding other levels of care.)

Meeting Minutes:

(These meeting report are intended to be a set of  "living documents" that will be updated each week to incorporate the various suggestions, desires, and wish-lists that are intended to improve the operations, programs, and physical plant of Montgomery Meadows for the next 18-20 years - The 2020 Vision.)


(The developing and final feasibility study reports reflecting the summary, conclusions, and recommendations.)

Photo Gallery:

Plan Gallery:

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