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Historic Preservation and Restoration
Albany, New York (Dove and Lancaster)

This is an example of one of our "small" projects, which was undertaken at the request of Historic Albany Foundation.

The building had suffered extensive damage as the result of a natural gas explosion and fire.

The roof of the structure was completely destroyed. The stone arches over the front, third floor windows were damaged beyond repair. Many of the upper bricks were destroyed and the manufacturer was no longer in business. Virtually all of the windows were blown out. Two of the interior bearing walls were severely dislodged by the explosion, much of the third floor was missing and there was damage to all other floors.

The obvious questions were asked: Can the building be saved? Can it be restored? Can we afford to do it?

As the picture at the left clearly shows, through the efforts of our firm, the answer to all Historic Albany's questions were answered, "Yes!"

When the structure was stabilized, the exterior completed, and the floors and stairs restored, the building was sold. Historic Albany Foundation recovered all their expenses in the project.

F. L. Hoffman Corporation accomplished what many considered impossible. Without our dedication and construction know-how, this historic building would no longer be in existence.


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