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Abuse of Children and Animals - 17 Feb 2006
By Mary T. Hoffman

Twice I have happened to catch a segment of a morning children’s program on TV that is an example of blatant indoctrination by the meat and dairy industries. This program, called “Treehouse” features a little boy’s varied learning experiences.

In this particular segment, a woman is teaching the little boy how to milk a cow. She talks about farming and how she “loves the animals,” and actually uses the word “happy.” She asks the boy what a baby cow is called and what the daddy is called. The boy answers “calf” and “bull.” Wow! Old McDonald’s Farm, right?

Well, “bull” is the right answer for what this piece of deception is all about. For one thing, if this woman “loves” her animals so much, what does she do with the male calves? In this day and age, in order to produce milk, cows are cruelly artificially inseminated (raped). No calves, no milk! It’s as simple as that. And these cows are anything but “happy” to have their babies stolen from them to be used (and cruelly abused) for veal production. And how about the painful mastitis and other diseases suffered by these “happy” cows?

Sooner or later children, like the little boy in the TV program, may realize that they have been lied to by people they trusted to tell them the truth. Depending on the child, this can be a traumatic awakening.

In case you’re wondering, I know whereof I speak, as they say. I’m not a bleeding heart city slicker. I was born in a small town (approximate population: 25,000) surrounded by farms. I still remember the cow at a very small farm and how she wailed when her calf was taken away and slaughtered. I was only about 5 or 6 years old, but I sensed something was very wrong. (Just a few days ago, I found an old photo of this cow on the farm where my family spent a lot of time in the 1940’s.) There were other such experiences involving family-run farms and slaughterhouses, also.


In my opinion, teaching children lies about farmed animals is a form of abuse. And milk from farmed animals is not a health food. As a matter of fact, milk consumption has been linked to all sorts of problems: childhood earaches, allergies, and lactose intolerance - to name a few. Humans are the only animals that continue to drink milk after weaning. Cow’s milk is for calves, dog’s milk is for puppies, cat’s milk is for kittens, etc.

Isn’t it time to stop all this abuse?

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